Surficial Deposits (Quebec)

Cartes numériques des dépôts de surface consists of scanned paper surfical deposit maps produced by the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et Faune du Québec at the scale of 1:50 000. The surfical deposit information was derived from aerial photographs (1:40 000) and information gathered from in the field. The characteristics and thickness information is available for the following categories of surfical deposits: glacial, fluvio-glacial, fluviales, lacustrine, marine, marine littoral zone, organics, aeolien deposits, major slopes, and weathering features. Also included on these maps are the locations of major escarpments and ecological zones.

Sample of Carte numérique de dépôt de surfaces


Title Cartes numériques des dépôts de surface
Author Direction des inventaires forestiers
Publisher Ministère des Ressources naturelles et Faune du Québec
Date 2004
Language French
Geospatial Data Type Raster
Data Format TIFF with TFW and TAB files
Scale 1:50 000
Projection MTM
Datum Each map sheet is either NAD83 or NAD27
Resolution Information not available
Map Index Surficial Deposit Maps Index
Interactive Index {Requires Google Earth}
Licence The cartes numérique de dépôt de surfaces is restricted to McGill Users. Please refer to the SIEF License agreement
Additional Documentation Detailed information is located on each digital map sheet.
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form. Please include the title of the dataset (Surficial Deposits), and the desired map numbers (ex: 31H05).
Citation (sample) Rivière Galiote, 12E/06. [computer file]. 1:50 000, Carte numériques des dépôts de surface, feuille 12E/06, 2nd Edition, Québec : Ressources naturelles et Faune.

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