Canadian Digital Elevation Data

The Canadian Digital Elevation Data is produced by Natural Resources Canada. The CDED data set consists of 30 metre (1:50000) and 90 metre (1:250 000) resolution digital elevation models (DEM) of Canada. Data is available in DEM format which is supported by a variety of software including: ArcView 3.x, ArcGIS, MapInfo, IDRISI, and PCI to name a few. These files are derived from the 1:50 000 and 1:250 000 NTDB map sheets.

For access to this dataset please go to:

Sample of a CDED image


Title Canadian Digital Elevation Data
Author Minister of Natural Resources, Canada
Date Various
Language English & French
Format DEM
Scale 1:50 000 & 1:250 000
Projection Geographic
Datum NAD83
Map Index
Licence Geobase Unrestricted Use Licence Agreement
Access Canadian Digital Elevation Data via
Citation (sample) Natural Resources Canada. Laval, Quebec. [computer file]. National Topographic Database, 1:50 000, map code 31H/12, version 3.10. Ottawa: Natural Resources Canada, Geomatics Canada, 1995.

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