Test of the McGill Emergency Notification System / Test du système de notification d’urgence de McGill

Updated: Fri, 11/16/2018 - 07:05

McGILL ALERT! This is a test of McGill’s Emergency Notification System. If there was an actual emergency or threat this alert would include important information to help keep you safe. We encourage you to have access to the multiple emergency communication outlets used by the university. To learn more visit www.mcgill.ca/campussafety

Please ignore this message. This test should conclude at 7:35 am.


ALERTE McGILL ! Ceci est un test du système de notification d’urgence de McGill. En cas d’urgence ou de menace réelle, cette alerte inclurait des informations importantes pour vous aider à rester en sécurité. Nous vous encourageons à avoir accès aux outils de communications utilisés par l’université. Pour de plus amples informations, visitez notre site internet : www.mcgill.ca/campussafety/fr

S'il vous plaît ignorer ce message. Le test terminera à 7h35.


The SIEF contains detailed large scale ecoforestry mapping (1:20 000) of Quebec below the 49th parallel. The GIC has the area covering the Region of Montreal, and parts of the Gaspe, Beauce, Saguenay, and Abitibi regions. This database information is grouped into the following classes: tree population species, type, age, height, and density; slope and land categories; age and type of original and moderate disturbances; surficial deposits. Basic topographic information is also available with this data set. soil hydrology, and soil drainage. The data available at the GIC is in Shape {shp} format, projected in Geographic NAD83.

Mount St-Hillaire, Forest Stand Types


Title Système d'information écoforestière (SIEF) - Ecoforestry information System (Quebec)(SIEF)
Author Ministère des Ressources naturelles et Faune du Québec
Date Various
Language French
Format Shape {.shp}
Scale 1: 20 000
Projection Geographic
Datum NAD83
Licence SIEF License agreement
Index Map SIEF Index Map of the datasets available at the GIC.
Interactive Index {Requires Google Earth}
Documentation SIEF Data Attribute Codes (English & French) is the basic guide to the codes used in the SIEF coverage files. For a more detailed explanation of the data consult: Livret explicatif codes (French) and SIEF Specifications techniques (French)
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form. Please include the title of the dataset (SIEF), and the desired map numbers (ex: 31H05 NO).
Citation Système d'information écoforestière Map Number.[computer file]. 1:20 000, Québec: Ressources naturelles et Faune, year.

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