CanMap Address Points (DMTI)

CanMap® Address Points are unique and discrete representations of civic address assignments across Canada. It is the ultimate in answering the question of “where” and an anchor for a single source of accuracy in your mission-critical data. When building your location intelligence solution, this component can represent the single most important geometry feature providing high precision to your application.


• Enhance your corporate location intelligence capabilities
• Provide highest precision coordinates for geocoding
• Optimize current automated workflows and reduce costly secondary manual processes
• Provide clear identification of actual addresses within a defined zone of interest
• Gain new competitiveness by powering your analytics with rooftop precision data features
• Enhance your end-user experience by getting them curbside to their exact destination

With urban and rural coverage across Canada, the point feature is the ultimate in high-confidence, high accuracy geographic representations demarcating the physical location of an address.
(This description is adapted from the User Manual)

Title CanMap Address Points (DMTI)
Author DMTI
Date 2014 - 2020
Coverage Canada wide
Language English
Format Vector
Projection Latitude - Longitude
Datum WGS84
User Agreement DMTI End User Agreement
Documentation CanMap Address Points 2014.2 User Manual
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form.
Citation DMTI Spatial Inc. [computer file]. CanMap Address Points. Markham: DMTI Spatial Inc., year.


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