Occupation du sol (Montreal Urban Community Landuse File)

Occupation du sol is a geospatial file produced by the Communuaté Urbaine de Montréal depicting different general landuse types.

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Occupation du Sol [Communuaté Urbaine de Montréal]
Format Arcview Shape (1996)
MapInfo (1996)
PDF (2001)
Language of File and Documentation French
Projection Modified Transverse Mercator Zone 8
Datum NAD 83
Geographical Coverage Island of Montreal
Scale 1:20 000
Year 1996 and 2001
Landuse Categories (French / English) habitation faible densité / low density residential
habitation moyenne densité / medium density residential
habitation haute densité / high density residential
commerce de détail / commercial area
centre commerciel / commercial centre (mall)
édifice à bureaux / business district
équipement et service communautaire / public and education institutions
service d'utilité publique / service utility areas (ex. road catchments, hydro corridors)
industrie légère/ light industry
industrie lourde / heavy industry
carrière / quarry
site d'enfouissement / landfill
parcs urbains / city parks
parcs régionaux / regional parks
reserves naturelles / nature reserves
golfs / golf course
cimietière / cemetery
rural / rural area
espace vacant / vacant area
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