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McGill Library provides access to computer workstations, scanners, printers, copiers, and microform viewing, scanning and printing facilities. Please see below for details. A/V equipment may be borrowed from Marvin Duchow Music Library.


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Computing at McGill

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McGill Library offers over 600 computer workstations throughout the Library system for use by McGill students, faculty and staff, as well as guest users from the wider community

Guest access provides access to the Library's website, catalogues and electronic resources (journals, e-books, databases, etc.), but not to the Internet in general. Most software applications on the Library workstations are likewise only available to McGill users. (see the Software tab above).

Branch Computer workstations
Birks Reading Room 3 workstations
Humanities and Social Sciences

McLennan Building [Floor plans]

  • M1: 113 workstation
  • Data Lab (M2-37A): 14 workstations
  • M2: 5 workstations
  • Business Lab (M3-53B): 6 workstations (Bloomberg, Datastream, Morningstar, SDC Platinum)

Redpath Building

  • Cyberthèque (RS): 130 workstations
  • RM (main): 24 workstations [Floor plans]
  • Blackader-Lauterman (R3): 10 workstations [Floor plans]
[Workstation details]
Islamic Studies 14 workstations, plus 2 catalogue-only computers [Floor plans] [Workstation details]
Macdonald 52 workstations [Floor plans] [Workstation details]
Marvin Duchow Music
  • 54 workstations, including 12 with piano keyboards
  • 14 laptops with specialized music software (only available to students taking music courses)
[Floor plans] [Workstation details]
Nahum Gelber Law 23 workstations [Floor plans] [Workstation details]
Osler Library of the History of Medicine 3 workstations [Floor plans]
Rare Books and Special Collections 2 workstations [McLennan Building, 4th floor: Floor plans]


Workstation information

Find location information for specialized software and computer equipment in the Library.

Citation management software

EndNote and RefWorks are available to the McGill community free of charge. See our Citation management software page for details.

Licensed software

McGill has a wide range of licensed software that McGill students and staff may download, such as SAS and ChemOffice Ultra.

Mobile apps

See our guide to mobile apps which provide access to content and collections that the McGill library subscribes to, and that facilitate use of these materials using mobile technologies.

Software available everywhere | Adapted workstations | Other specialized software

Available on all Library computer workstations

All workstations are now running Windows 10 OS

  • 7-Zip 16.04 
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Adobe Reader DC 17.009
  • Adobe Shockwave Player 12.2
  • Audacity 2.2
  • Beyond 2020 Professional Browser 7.0 SP4
  • ChemOffice 15.1
  • EndNote X8
  • FFMpeg 2.2.2
  • Firefox 49.0.2 
  • Google Chrome 58.0
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • LAME for Windows 3.99.3 
  • MATLAB R2017
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
  • PopsTools 3.2.5
  • Python 3.2
  • RStudio for Windows 3.5
  • SAS 9.4
  • SPSS (except Mac OS X workstations) 24.0
  • Trend Micro OfficeScan 11.0.
  • VLC media player 3.0
  • Zotero 5.0
View software available through guest access.

Available on all adapted workstations

Adapted workstations with assistive technologies furnished by the Office for Students with Disabilities may be found in the following branch libraries: Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Macdonald Campus Library, Marvin Duchow Music Library, .

  • JAWS
  • Open Book
  • ZoomText

For information on software in the Redpath Accessible Media Room please refer to the OSD's website.

Specialized software

Find more specific location information for specialized software and computer equipment in the Library.

Software/application Available at (number of copies):
Adobe Acrobat Professional (See also Adobe Creative Suite CS5 & CS6) HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (2)| Humanities and Social Sciences: Cyberthèque (2), Electronic Classroom (5)| Macdonald Campus (6)| Marvin Duchow Music (10)
Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (This software package includes Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Photoshop)

Humanities and Social Sciences: McLennan eClassroom & Cyberthèque eClassroom (10) | Nahum Gelber Law Library (5) | Islamic Studies (2) |  MacDonald Campus (4) | Marvin Duchow Music (5)

Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (This software package includes Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Photoshop) Blackader-Lauterman (2) | HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (2)Macdonald Campus (2) | Marvin Duchow Music (7) 
Adobe Photoshop (See also Adobe Creative Suite CS5 & CS6) Blackader-Lauterman (2) | HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (2) | Government Information Service (1) | Humanities and Social Sciences: Cyberthèque (7)McLennan eClassroom (5) | Islamic Studies (2) | Marvin Duchow Music (10) 
Adobe Photoshop Elements Humanities and Social Sciences: Info Commons (2) | Macdonald Campus (1) | Marvin Duchow Music (1) | Nahum Gelber Law Library (2)
Desktop mapping program that enables users to analyze geospatial data and create their own custom designed maps.

Cyberthèque (24) | HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (14) | Macdonald Campus (23) 


Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Software

HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A)
Audio editing software Marvin Duchow Music
Bloomberg HSSL: Finance Lab (3rd floor McLennan, room M3-53B)
Can 8  Group Study Area, Redpath Main Floor (24)
Financial database covering major financial instruments, company fundamentals, equity and fixed income securities and macroeconomic data.
HSSL: Finance Lab (3rd floor McLennan, room M3-53B)
Google Earth HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (14)
Microsoft Office for Mac Marvin Duchow Music (Word only)
MorningStar HSSL: Finance Lab (3rd floor McLennan, room M3-53B)
NVivo HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (3)
Software package used for conducting statistical analyses, manipulating data, and generating tables and graphs that summarize data.


HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (14) | Humanities and Social Sciences: e-Classroom (24) | Macdonald Campus (22)
SDC Platinum
A financial database covering: Global new issues, Worldwide mergers & acquisitions, Corporate governance, Corporate restructuring, Venture Xpert, Securities trading and Global public finance.
HSSL: Finance Lab (3rd floor McLennan, room M3-53B)
Sibelius (music notation) Marvin Duchow Music
Software that facilitates the exchange of data between different spreadsheet and statistics programs.


HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A) (14) | Macdonald Campus Library (5)
Software used for cross-tabulations, correlations, t tests, equality-of-variance tests, tests of proportions, and confidence intervals.


(maximum 14 users at one time)
Humanities and Social Sciences: HSSL Data Lab (M2-37A), McLennan e-Classroom, David C. Edwards Cyberthèque Classroom | Macdonald Campus Library eZone
Software used for model building, simulations, and analysis.

(maximum of 20 simultaneous users)

Macdonald library

Scanners, printers and copiers

There are a number of document reproduction options in the Library. The basic location info is found below. Get more information about scanning, printing and copying. See also: all uPrint machine locations on campus

Branch B&W uPrint scan/print/copy Colour uPrint scan/print/copy Spirit scanner Flatbed scanner
Birks Reading Room Yes No No No
Education Curriculum Resources Centre Yes Yes No No
Humanities and Social Sciences Yes Yes


Blackadder 3rd Floor

McLennan Reserves Room

McLennan Reference Area




Blackadder: BLDR002 & BLDR002

Cybertheque: Cyber052 & Cyber053

Data Lab M2-37A: EDRS002

Islamic Studies Yes Yes


2nd floor - with Expert Mode

Macdonald Yes Yes


3rd floor - with Expert Mode


2nd floor: PCs Macd-OSD001 & Macd-OSD002

Marvin Duchow Music Yes Yes


3 floor - with Expert Mode

5th floor


3rd floor: Music005

4th floor: Music033

5th floor: Music038, Music041 & Music-OSD

Nahum Gelber Law Yes Yes


Main floor - with Expert Mode

2nd floor

Osler Library of the History of Medicine No No No No
Rare Books and Special Collections No No No No


Branch Microform view Microform scan Microform print Details
Humanities and Social Sciences Fiche/film/microcard Fiche/film Fiche/film


  • 6 microform reader/scanners are available on the 2nd floor in room M2-37F. Each is capable of producing PDFs or image files.
  • All scanners are linked to the Library’s network, so printouts can be retrieved at uPrint machines.
  • Standard Library guest accounts do not work at the scanner workstations. Walk-in users must log in using a separate guest account and password, which is displayed at each machine.

Readers (no scanning or printing)

  • Room M2-37F contains one microfilm reader with an oversized display.
  • One microcard reader and one microfiche reader are available outside of room M2-17A.
Macdonald Fiche/film Fiche/film Fiche/film The microform reader is linked to the Library’s network, so printouts can be retrieved at uPrint machines.
Marvin Duchow Music Fiche/film Fiche/film Fiche/film
  • 1 digital microform reader/printer/scanner, located across from the 3rd-floor entrance, is available for microform (i.e. microfilm and microfiche) viewing, printing, and digitizing.
  • Ask for music microforms in the 3rd-floor staff area.
Osler Library of the History of Medicine Fiche Fiche Fiche --

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