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Welcome to the McGill University Library & Archives. Whether you’re a student or alum, faculty or staff, we are here to help shepherd you on your scholarly journey.

The Library is a nexus for students, professors and staff across all faculties, helping to inspire and stimulate the great minds of today and tomorrow. Whether you need a space for quiet study or group work, a public forum for broadening perspectives or a hideaway for quiet introspection, library spaces are here to help you reach the highest levels of academic excellence. If you’d rather access the Library from the comfort of home, the e-resources are accessible to you 24/7 from around the globe with just your McGill credentials.

Radical technological advancements have fundamentally altered the very mandate of modern libraries, and we are evolving to meet the needs of the 21st century student while still maintaining an appreciation for our past. For those racing into the digital world, we offer state-of-the-art learning and research technology, providing immediate access to information and high-tech spaces to stimulate your minds. For those traditional book lovers who cherish the tangible feel of paper at their fingertips, we offer access to an exquisite physical collection spread throughout our eight branches for you to discover.

At the present time, we are preparing to release the results of our Feasibility Study to build the library of the mid-21st century, an ambitious and exhilarating new project that will reinforce McGill’s reputation as one of the world’s best universities.

As we step into the future, we haven’t lost sight of our primary responsibility: delivering the information and resources you need whenever, wherever and however.

Drawing on almost two centuries of resources, the McGill Library has accumulated one of the largest and most unique collections in North America. This priceless trove of accumulated knowledge will spark your ingenuity, whether you’re making your first visit to the Library or are a frequent user continuing your lifelong learning journey. We offer access to over 5 million print volumes and journals, 2.3 million e-books, e-theses and e-journals, and hundreds of thousands of sound and video recordings, musical scores, microforms and maps.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to visit the exquisite array of unique books and artifacts in the Rare Books & Special Collections, the Osler Library of the History of Medicine and our other world-class libraries. Explore early maps of the Canadian Fur Trade, pore through 12th century Arabic manuscripts by celebrated physician and scholar Abu Ja'far al-Ghafiqi or become entranced by original versions from medieval Europe’s literary savants.

The Library’s staff members are here to help you navigate the information world, so please don’t hesitate to ask! We are here to assist you with everything the Library has to offer. Please feel free to visit one of our branches or reach us online.

C. Colleen Cook, Trenholme Dean of Libraries

Mission statement

McGill University Library advances teaching, learning, research and community service by providing outstanding collections, access to the world of knowledge, excellence in service and an appropriate library environment, all of which are client-focused and responsive to the needs of the McGill community.

The Library

  • Facilitates excellence in teaching, learning and research
  • Creates an appropriate environment to support teaching, learning and research
  • Anticipates and responds to student and faculty needs
  • Contributes to positive student and faculty outcomes and experiences
  • Provides the information resource infrastructure necessary for leading edge teaching, learning and research activity
  • Supports community outreach and community partnerships

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