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Subjectsort descending Liaison librarian Contact
Accounting McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Accounting Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
African Studies Salamon, Anaïs 514-398-4688
Agricultural economics Ingalls, Dana (514) 398-7576
Anatomy & Cell Biology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Anesthesia Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Animal science Pinard, Mylène 514-398-7577
Anthropology Tummon, Nikki 514-398-5727
Architecture Greene, David 514-398-5925
Art History Greene, David 514-398-5925
Astronomy Colosimo, April 514-398-4765
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Mawhinney, Tara 514-398-4764
Biochemistry Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Bioengineering Lee, Nu Ree 514-398-7340
Bioinformatics Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Biology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Biomedical Engineering Lee, Nu Ree 514-398-7340
Biomedical Ethics Gore, Genevieve 514-398-3472
Bioresource engineering Ingalls, Dana (514) 398-7576
Business Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
Business McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Canadian Studies Weatherby, Lonnie 514-398-5031
Career and Professional Development Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
Career and Professional Development McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Chemical Engineering Lee, Nu Ree 514-398-7340
Chemistry Colosimo, April 514-398-4765
Children's and Young Adult Literature Rankin, Sharon 514-398-6657
Civil Engineering Mawhinney, Tara 514-398-4764
Classical Studies Duffy, Eamon 514-398-4697
Clinical & Health Informatics Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
Clinical & Health Informatics Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Communication Sciences & Disorders Boruff, Jill 514-398-6272
Communication Studies Greene, David 514-398-5925
Comparative Literature & Translations Weatherby, Lonnie 514-398-5031
Computer Science Zhao, Jennifer 514-398-1273
Copyright Kohn, Alexandra 514-398-3059
Couple and Family Therapy Tummon, Nikki 514-398-5727
Dentistry Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Dentistry Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
Diagnostic Radiology Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Dietetics & Human Nutrition Ingalls, Dana (514) 398-7576
Digital Humanities Isuster, Marcela 514-398-4729
Earth and Planetary Sciences Lee, Nu Ree 514-398-7340
East Asian Studies (Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Material) Zheng, Macy 514-398-5550
East Asian Studies (Western Language Material) Zheng, Macy 514-398-5550
Economics Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Education Curriculum Resources Centre, Education
Education Rankin, Sharon 514-398-6657
Educational and Counselling Psychology Kingsland, Emily 514-398-4782
Electrical & Computer Engineering Zhao, Jennifer 514-398-1273
Electronic Resources Houle, Louis 514-398-4763
Emergency Medicine Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
English Language & Literature Weatherby, Lonnie 514-398-5031
Entrepreneurship Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
Environment (Downtown Campus) Waters, Natalie 514-398-1204
Environment (Macdonald Campus) MacKenzie, Emily 514-398-7876
Epidemiology & Biostatistics Gore, Genevieve 514-398-3472
Experimental Medicine Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
Family Medicine Gore, Genevieve 514-398-3472
Farm Management and Technology Pinard, Mylène 514-398-7577
Film Studies Weatherby, Lonnie 514-398-5031
Finance McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Finance Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
Food science and agricultural chemistry Ingalls, Dana (514) 398-7576
French Language & Literature Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Genetics Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Geography (Human) Zhao, Jennifer 514-398-1273
Geography (Physical) Zhao, Jennifer 514-398-1273
Geospatial Data Librarian, Data 514-398-4734
Geriatrics Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
German Language & Literature Bedjanian, Tatiana 514-398-7383
Government Information Duffy, Eamon 514-398-4697
Hispanic Studies Isuster, Marcela 514-398-4729
Historic Archival Collections Seccareccia, Adria 514-398-4706
Historical Canadiana Lyons, Christopher 514-398-4708
History Duffy, Eamon 514-398-4697
History of Medicine Yearl, Mary 514-398-4475 x09847
History of Science and Ideas Williams, Lauren 514-398-1364
Indigenous Health Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Indigenous Health Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Indigenous Health Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
Indigenous Studies Tummon, Nikki 514-398-5727
Information Systems McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Information Systems Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
International Development Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Islamic Manuscripts, Codicology, Palaeography History of the Islamic book Salamon, Anaïs 514-398-4688
Islamic Studies Salamon, Anaïs 514-398-4688
Italian Language & Literature Weatherby, Lonnie 514-398-5031
Japanese Studies Zheng, Macy 514-398-5550
Jewish Studies Smith, Sonia 514-398-4715 x09177
Kinesiology and Physical Education Isuster, Marcela 514-398-4729
Language and Intercultural Communication -- French Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Law Daniels, Katarina 514-398-4715 x00168
Law Rogers, Ana 514-398-1939
Law Smith, Sonia 514-398-4715 x09177
Librarians & Library Staff of McGill Affiliated Health Institutions Frati, Francesca 514-398-1277
Library & Information Studies Isuster, Marcela 514-398-4729
Linguistics Bedjanian, Tatiana 514-398-7383
Management Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
Management McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Maps Rankin, Sharon 514-398-6657
Marketing Wheatley, Amanda 514-398-3921
Marketing McKinnon, Dawn 514-398-5499
Mathematics & Statistics Colosimo, April 514-398-4765
McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL) Colosimo, April 514-398-4765
McGill Writing Centre Bedjanian, Tatiana 514-398-7383
Mechanical Engineering Mawhinney, Tara 514-398-4764
Medical education Kiester, Lucy 514-398-2526
Medical Humanities Yearl, Mary 514-398-4475 x09847
Medical Physics Boruff, Jill 514-398-6272
Microbiology & Immunology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Middle East Salamon, Anaïs 514-398-4688
Mining and Materials Engineering Lee, Nu Ree 514-398-7340
Music Behzadi, Houman 514-398-4694
Music Martin, Cathy 514-398-5874
Natural resource sciences Pinard, Mylène 514-398-7577
Neurology & Neurosurgery Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Neuroscience Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Numeric Data Librarian, Data 514-398-4734
Nursing Frati, Francesca 514-398-1277
Obstetrics & Gynecology Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Occupational Health Gore, Genevieve 514-398-3472
Occupational Therapy Boruff, Jill 514-398-6272
Office for Students with Disabilities Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Oncology Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Ophthalmology Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Orthopedics Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Otolaryngology Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Paleontology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Palliative Care Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
Parasitology Pinard, Mylène 514-398-7577
Pathology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Pathology Morris, Martin 514-398-8140
Pediatrics Gore, Genevieve 514-398-3472
Pharmacology & Therapeutics Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Philosophy Hervieux, Sandy 514-398-1087
Physical Therapy Boruff, Jill 514-398-6272
Physics Colosimo, April 514-398-4765
Physiology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734
Plant science Pinard, Mylène 514-398-7577
Political Science Hervieux, Sandy 514-398-1087
Post-graduate Medicine Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Post-Secondary Education Rankin, Sharon 514-398-6657
Psychiatry Boruff, Jill 514-398-6272
Psychology Kingsland, Emily 514-398-4782
Rare Books and Special Collections Williams, Lauren 514-398-1364
Rare Books and Special Collections Garland, Jennifer 514-398-4785
Rare Books and Special Collections Ing, Elis 514-398-7172
Rare Books and Special Collections Seccareccia, Adria 514-398-4706
Rare Books and Special Collections Holland, Ann Marie 514-398-4707
Rare Books and Special Collections Lyons, Christopher 514-398-4708
Religious Studies Hervieux, Sandy 514-398-1087
Research Data Management Rod, Alisa  
Russian Language & Literature Bedjanian, Tatiana 514-398-7383
Scholarly communications Lange, Jessica 514-398-2895
School of Environment (Downtown Campus) Waters, Natalie 514-398-1204
School of Environment (Macdonald Campus) MacKenzie, Emily 514-398-7876
Sexual Diversity (LGBT) Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Social Studies in Medicine Yearl, Mary 514-398-4475 x09847
Social Work Tummon, Nikki 514-398-5727
Sociology Tummon, Nikki 514-398-5727
Software Engineering Zhao, Jennifer 514-398-1273
South Asia Studies Salamon, Anaïs 514-398-4688
Surgery Quaiattini, Andrea 514-398-8087
Teacher Education Rankin, Sharon 514-398-6657
Teaching and Learning Services Rankin, Sharon 514-398-6657
Translation and Written Communication Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Undergraduate Medical Education Kiester, Lucy 514-398-2526
University Archives Lapointe, Yves A. 514-398-2960
University Archives Podolsky, Lori 514-398-2955
University Archives Tremblay, Jean-Marc 514-398-3705
Urban Planning Greene, David 514-398-5925
Women's Studies Miller, Michael David 514-398-7440
Zoology Librarian, Schulich 514-398-4734

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