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April Colosimo

April Colosimo

April [dot] Colosimo [at] mcgill [dot] ca 514-398-4765

Macdonald-Stewart Library Building
809 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C1


  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Physics

Liaison librarian

Responsible for the provision of a range of library and information services and collections to support teaching, learning, research taking place in the Faculty of Science.


  • Master of Library and Information Studies, McGill University
  • Master of Science, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Sherbrooke University
  • Bachelor of Science, Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University

Areas of interest

  • Information literacy
  • Concept mapping
  • Impact measurements
  • Online learning approaches


Santschi, V., Chiolero, A., Colosimo, A. L., Platt, R., Taffe, P. Burnier, M. Burnand, B., & Paradis, G. (2014). Improving blood pressure control through pharmacist interventions: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Journal of the American Heart Association, 3(2).

Badia, G., & Colosimo, A. L. (2013). Best practices for engaging users in a web conferencing environment. Paper presented at the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings, Atlanta, Georgia.

Colosimo, A. L., & Kasuto, E. (2012). Library video tutorials to support large undergraduate labs: Will they watch? Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 68.

Colosimo, A. L., & Fitzgibbons, M. (2012). Teaching, designing, and organizing: Concept mapping for librarians. Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, 7(1).  

Colosimo, A. L., Holder, S., & Lannon, A. (2012). Walking the walk, talking the talk: A learning-centered approach to the design of a workshop on teaching for McGill librarians. Practical Academic Librarianship: The International Journal of the SLA Academic Division, 2(2): 18-35. 

Lee, C., Joseph, L., Colosimo, A., & Dasgupta, K. (2012). Mortality in diabetes compared with previous cardiovascular disease: A gender-specific meta-analysis. Diabetes and Metabolism, 38(5), 420-427. 

Santschi, V., Chiolero, A., Burnand, B., Colosimo, A. L., & Paradis, G. (2012). Pharmacist interventions to improve cardiovascular disease risk factors in diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Diabetes Care, 35(12), 2706-2717. 

Santschi, V., Chiolero, A., Burnand, B., Colosimo, A. L., & Paradis, G. (2011). Impact of pharmacist care in the management of cardiovascular disease risk factors: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials. Archives of Internal Medicine, 171(16), 1441-1453.

Mann, K. K., Davison, K., Colombo, M., Colosimo, A. L., Diaz, Z., Padovani, A. M. S., . . . Miller Jr., W. H. (2006). Antimony trioxide-induced apoptosis is dependent on SEK1/JNK signaling. Toxicology Letters, 160(2), 158-170.

Mann, K. K., Padovani, A. M. S., Guo, Q., Colosimo, A. L., Lee, H. -, Kurie, J. M., & Miller Jr., W. H. (2005). Arsenic trioxide inhibits nuclear receptor function via SEK1/JNK-mediated RXRα phosphorylation. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 115(10), 2924-2933.  

Zhao, L. Y., Colosimo, A. L., Liu, Y., Wan, Y., & Liao, D. (2003). Adenovirus E1B 55-kilodalton oncoprotein binds to daxx and eliminates enhancement of p53-dependent transcription by daxx. Journal of Virology, 77(21), 11809-11821. 

Mann, K. K., Rephaeli, A., Colosimo, A. L., Diaz, Z., Nudelman, A., Levovich, I., . . . Miller Jr., W. H. (2003). A Retinoid/Butyric acid prodrug overcomes retinoic acid resistance in leukemias by induction of apoptosis. Molecular Cancer Research, 1(12), 903-912.  

Liu, Y., Colosimo, A. L., Yang, X. -., & Liao, D. (2000). Adenovirus E1B 55-kilodalton oncoprotein inhibits p53 acetylation by PCAF. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 20(15), 5540-5553.

Selected talks and workshops

Colosimo, A. L., & Fitzgibbons, M. (2012; 2011). Concept mapping to promote teaching and learning. Learning to Teach Day, McGill University, Montreal, QC.

Colosimo, A. L., & Fitzgibbons, M. (2011). Concept mapping: Meaningful learning in the classroom. Teaching with Technology Day, McGill University, Montreal, QC.

Colosimo, A. L., & Fitzgibbons, M. (2011). Concept maps for collaborating, designing, and teaching. Library Association of the National Capital Region, Ottawa, ON. 

Colosimo, A. L., & Fitzgibbons, M. (2010). Concept mapping: Fun for librarians. Workshop for Instructional Use (WILU), Hamilton, ON. 

Colosimo, A. L., Fitzgibbons, M., & Kliphuis, E. (2010). Mapping it out: Communicating complex ideas with concept maps. Educause Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA.

Holder, S., Colosimo, A. L., & Lannon, A. (2010). Collaborating outside the box: Partnering beyond the library to design a better workshop. Conference of the Quebec Library Association, Montreal, QC.

Colosimo, A. L. Continuing Health Professional Education (2009). PDA: Programs for medicine. Thursday Evening Learning Series, McGill University, Montreal, QC. Recording: cme.mcgill.ca/php/hom.php?id=974.

Colosimo, A. L., & Holder, S. (2009). Meet your personal search engine: The liaison librarian, from poster child to research peer. Library and Information Community of Quebec, Montreal, QC.

Colosimo, A. L. (2008). Les ressources de la bibliothèque en direct dans WebCT [Library resources directly in WebCT]. CREPUQ Digital Learning Environments and Libraries Conference, Montreal, QC.

Colosimo, A. L. (2008). Are video tutorials worth the effort? 6th Annual Research Poster Forum, Concordia University Libraries, Montreal, QC.


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