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The heart of the McGill campus, a home away from home, a virtual and physical space for research and learning, a place to meet, a forum for discussing ideas, a quiet hideaway for reflection, a place to ask questions and get answers. Bienvenue - welcome - to the McGill Library & Archives!

Whoever you are – student, faculty member, staff member, alum or parent – whether you study chemistry, medicine, law or history – all of you are part of the Library family.  We are here to assist you on your path in learning, teaching and discovery.  We are here to make this journey easier, more convenient – exhilarating and fulfilling.

There is no part of the university that is changing more rapidly and more fundamentally than the library.  In these exciting times we are up to the challenge.  We live in a rapidly evolving information world.  To keep up with the needs of our users, we must be vigilant and constantly assessing how best to answer the space and information needs of our users.  At the present time, we are involved in a Feasibility Study to reimagine the library of 2050.  I hope you will join us in this endeavour by helping us think out of the box in planning for library services of the 21st century. 

A Library is first and foremost about services – delivering the information that you need when you want it, where you want it and how you want it. 

A Library is about content – about the materials that you need on your scholarly journey.  While much of our content is now delivered electronically, McGill’s rare and special collections set us apart from other research libraries.  On your journey here at McGill, whether it be three years as an undergraduate, or a career as a professor, do not pass up the opportunity to visit our Rare Books & Special Collections, the Osler Library of the History of Medicine, and other libraries.  Thanks to many donors over McGill’s 190+ year history, you can see and touch works by Newton and Copernicus, see early maps of the fur trade in Canada or examine editions of the first drawings of human anatomy from the 16th century.

Library staff members are here to help you navigate the information world.  Just ask! We are here to assist you. In so many ways, the Library has everything you need.  Please feel free to visit one of our branch libraries or reach us online.

C. Colleen Cook, Trenholme Dean of Libraries

Mission statement

McGill University Library advances teaching, learning, research and community service by providing outstanding collections, access to the world of knowledge, excellence in service and an appropriate library environment, all of which are client-focused and responsive to the needs of the McGill community.

The Library

  • Facilitates excellence in teaching, learning and research
  • Creates an appropriate environment to support teaching, learning and research
  • Anticipates and responds to student and faculty needs
  • Contributes to positive student and faculty outcomes and experiences
  • Provides the information resource infrastructure necessary for leading edge teaching, learning and research activity
  • Supports community outreach and community partnerships

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