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Core Social Science Data Resources

Cross-Archive Searching with On-line Analysis

Major Survey Research Archives

    • Equinox Data Delivery System [primarily Canadian  and US micro-data ]
      • Variable level searching
      • en français aussi
    • ICPSRprincipal social science data archive, INCLUDING: 
      • National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging [NACDA]
      • National Archive of Criminal Justice Data [NACJD]
      • National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program [NAHDAP]
    • GESIS:  Liebniz Institute for the Social Sciences   
      • GESIS ZACAT:  Online Study Catalogue
  • MacroData Guide:  comprehensive catalogue of international macro-data sources


Cross-National, Comparative Data Sources



Economic Statistics

Economic Focus: Trade Data

International Relations Orientation:

  • CNTS:  Cross-National Time Series (originally Arthur S. Banks collection)

    • EDRS holds data updated through 2011.  Many series begin in 19th century.
    • Obtain data from EDRS upon signing licence agreement
  • ICRG:  International Country Risk Guide   [click on LOGIN at top-right]
  • Jane's:  Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis

  • SIPRI:   Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Social Focus:  Cross-National Comparative Social Survey Data


Specialized Archives


United Nations Population Information Network


AGEDI:  Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Iinitiative

ICAO:  carbon emissions calculator

World Resources Institute:  EarthTrends: Environmental Information

World Watch Institute

Elections, Governance

Public Opinion Polls

Canadian Opinion Research Archive

NORC: major public opnion and social research center

Phillippines: Social Weather Stations

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Religion:  ARDA: the Association of Religious Data Archives


National-level Data Sources


Statistics Canada:  Macrodata

Other Sources:  Canada Macrodata

Statistics Canada - Microdata

To obtain Statistics Canada Public Use Microdata files:

  1. Equinox:  Most PUMFs included in DLI are downloadable as raw data files with sysntax files to generate SPSS, SAS or Stata system files.
  2. EDRS:  most frequently used surveys can be obtained upon request as SPSS, SAS, or Stata system files.




Other Selected National Data Sources

Brazil:  National Statistical Office

China:  China Data Online

Germany:  Federal Statistical Office

India:   IndiaStat   Micro-data:Youth in India Survey

Japan:  National Statistical Office     Statistics Japan   e-Stat Portal

Mexico: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI)

Palestinian Authority: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

Russian Federation:   Federal State Statistics Service

United Kingdom:  Office for National Statistics      NOMIS: Labour market statistics

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