McGill University respects intellectual property and legal requirements. Copyright law balances protection of the intellectual property of authors and publishers with provisions to encourage the distribution and use of this property. We endeavour to protect the rights of copyright holders, recognizing their significant number at McGill. This protection enables authors to receive compensation for their contributions and to continue to support the communication of knowledge.

The Copyright Modernization Act, along with our Copibec license, give the McGill community the opportunity to use many different resources to support teaching, learning, and research at the university.

McGill users must respect the copyrights in works that are accessible through computers connected to the McGill University Network. No copyrighted work may be copied, published, disseminated, displayed, performed or played without permission of the copyright holder except in accordance with fair dealing or our licensing agreements.

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Questions concerning copyright or other licensing issues may be sent to copyright [at] mcgill.ca.

McGill users also are urged to refer to complementary policies such as the Policy on the Responsible Use of McGill Information Technology Resources.  McGill users are individually responsible for complying with the terms outlined in these policies.

Please note: you should not consider the above information to be legal advice (the application of law to a specific set of circumstances). Contact a lawyer who specializes in copyright law if you want a professional opinion about how copyright law applies to your particular fact pattern.

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