Licensing and conditions of use

Most of the electronic resources available through the McGill University Library are governed by license agreements that restrict use to McGill University students, faculty, staff, or other authorized users of the McGill Library.

  • The use of each online resource is governed by the terms of the license between the McGill Library and the publisher.
  • Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • McGill users must not share user IDs and passwords or enable anyone who is not an authorized user to gain access to materials licensed to McGill University.
  • Systematic downloading or printing of entire journal issues, significant portions of the entire run of a journal, a significant number of sequential articles, multiple copies of articles, or large sections of electronic textbooks is strictly prohibited. Single downloaded copies are permitted.
  • Authorized users may view, download, copy, print, save, and store for editing or temporary storage only, SINGLE COPIES of individual search results or SINGLE COPIES of individual articles for personal use, scholarly, educational or scientific research or study, in accordance with licensing agreements.
  • Authorized users must not transmit, disseminate or otherwise make the licensed resources available to unauthorized persons or entities, by any means; it is not permitted to use robots or intelligent agents to systematically download or reassemble any portion of the licensed products.
  • Posting licensed electronic content on mailing lists or electronic bulletin boards is not permitted.
  • Where it is required by the vendor as a prerequisite to use, McGill users must read and agree to the terms of a resource's license prior to using that specific resource.
  • Economic constraints or vendor requirements may limit the use of some electronic resources to students and faculty in a particular academic department or professional discipline; use of some electronic resources may by the same token be restricted to in-library or on-campus use, in accordance with licensing agreements.
  • Any breaches of the McGill Library licensing agreement could result in the termination of the license.

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Adapted with permission from Queen's University Library, Kingston, Ontario.

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