McGill Library links in Google Scholar

If you use Google Scholar to search for articles, you can configure it to use the WorldCat Link Resolver to access articles that are available through the Library.

To configure Google Scholar to show McGill Library links:

  1. In Google Scholar, under Settings, click Library links.
  2. Search for McGill, and make sure McGill University Library – McGill Library Full Text  is selected. 
  3. Click Save.

Now when you search in Google Scholar, you’ll see a link for “McGill Library Full Text” next to items in your search results.

Click on this link and the WorldCat Link Resolver will show you how you can access the full text of the article through McGill Library's subscriptions.

Note for off-campus use: If you are off-campus, using the "McGill Library Full Text" link will automatically activate the EZproxy login when you try to access the article. You'll be able to login using your McGill username and password to access the full-text article.

Clicking on the article title will also take you directly to the article, but you won't be able to access it because you haven't logged in.


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