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We update this page with ongoing and resolved e-resources problems or publisher maintenance periods.

If you are encountering an issue outside of the Library's regular hours and wish to know the current status of a resource, the following providers offer real-time status pages for their products.

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Current issues reported


Problem Statement and Status


Sofia (Discovery)

RESOLVED: Overly-broad title matching for e-book and e-journal links.

Following an update to the architecture of our knowledge base handling links to online content, we are seeing broader than expected matches on links in Sofia (Discovery catalogue). A fix has since been implemented to resolve this problem.

20 September 2021
Lexicomp for Dentistry McGill has previously had access to Lexicomp via our membership of the Canadian Dental Association.  Access is no longer available and references to this resource have been suppressed from the catalogue and A-Z list. May 5, 2021
Flipster Several titles on Flipster from Ebsco are awaiting renewal of their subscriptions. July 2, 2020


Upcoming e-resources maintenance and news




HathiTrust HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service will end on September 1, 2021. See our news item. Wednesday, September 1, 2021.


McGill Library periodically reviews subscriptions and from time to time we no longer continue subscribing to a specific resource. Subscriptions to the following resources have been cancelled as part of this process.

Resource Vendor License Ends
AccessUN Readex 2020-12-31

Applied Science & technology Index

Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective 1913-1983

Biography Index Past and Present

Biography Index Retrospective

Biological and agricultural index plus

EBSCO 2021-03-31
BioMed Central (BMC) Supporter Membership (discount on article processing charges for members) BioMed Central 2020-10-31
Blouin Art Sales Index Blouin Art Sales Index 2021-01-01
CAB Reviews, Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria, Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria, Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases, Aquaculture compendium. CAB International 2020-12-31
China Data Online All China Marketing Research 2020-12-31

Communication Abstracts

EBSCO 2020-04-30
CPI.Q (Canadian Periodical Index Quarterly) Gale 2020-12-30
Credo Reference InfoBase 2020-09-01
Current Biography Illustrated Ebsco 2021-03-31
Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica 2020-09-30
Environetbase Taylor & Francis 2020-12-31
Essential Evidence Plus Wiley 2020-12-31
F1000 Prime Faculty of 1000 Ltd 2020-04-20
Global Books in Print (Bowkers) Bowkers 2020-12-31
IBFD Tax Research Platform IBFD 2020-12-31
Index to Jewish Periodicals EBSCO 2020-04-30
Jane's Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre Jane's Group UK Ltd 2020-05-16
Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies EBSCO 2020-04-30
MyWorldAbroad Intercultural Systems 2020-10-05
NewspaperDirect ProQuest 2020-06-30
OECD iLibrary Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development 2021-01-01
RAIL: The journal of robotics, artificial intelligence & law FstCase 2021-01-01
RISM Series A/II: Music Manuscripts after 1600 EBSCO 2020-01-31
RILM Music Encyclopedias EBSCO 2020-05-31
Skillsoft (formerly Books24/7) Skillsoft.com 2021-06-01
Value Line Value Line 2020-09-30
World Bank eLibrary World Bank Group 2021-01-01


Past issues




EZproxy RESOLVED: Our EZProxy server that handles authentication into our Library e-Resources has gone offline. Our hosting company is working to restore access as quickly as possible. Currently links to library content are not working, from on or off-campus, or on VPN. September 17, 2021
Library Catalogue Links

RESOLVED (September 12, 2021). Please note that the McGill Library website will be updated on Saturday, September 11, 2021, from 8 am to 4 pm. This maintenance work may result in catalogue-related links to library content being temporarily unavailable. The links may be unavailable for approximately 15-60 minutes during the morning hours of the update period.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 8 am to 4 pm
Oxford Reference & University Press Scholarship Online RESOLVED (June 11, 2021). These sites are experiencing access issues (where users are not able to access the full-text of content we subscribe to). The publisher is investigating the issue. May 11, 2021
Elsevier products (ScienceDirect, ClinicalKey) over EZproxy RESOLVED (June 9, 2021). We are seeing a significant issue affecting our access to Elsevier products over EZproxy (i.e. via proxied library links). ScienceDirect and ClinicalKey are displaying an error message when attempting to access full-content over proxy. At the moment, access is still working over VPN. We are urgently contacting Elsevier and will send more information as soon as it becomes available. June 8, 2021
Ancestry Library

Recommended Solution: USE VPN. No resolution with EZproxy is currently possible.

There is an issue with the display of images within Ancestry using EZproxy. A sample image is presented, no matter which image is selected. The cause is being investigated.

October 22, 2020
Drama Online RESOLVED: Access is currently blocked. We are investigating the cause. February 2, 2021
Elsevier platforms RESOLVED: We are seeing a significant issue affecting our access to Elsevier products. Scopus, ScienceDirect and ClinicalKey have stopped recognising our subscriptions to their online content. We are urgently contacting Elsevier and will send more information as soon as it becomes available. January 28, 2021
SpringerLink RESOLVED: Access is currently unavailable to full-text content for e-books and e-journal articles on the SpringerLink platform. Springer is aware of this widespread issue--which is affecting other libraries in addition to McGill--and they are working rapidly to restore access to all affected institution. January 23, 2021
Strada Lex RESOLVED: Access problem over EZproxy. Browser window is spinning but not loading content. Investigation underway. Use VPN in meantime. January 21, 2021
WorldCat Discovery (Sofia)

RESOLVED: Domain Site error for the 'recaptcha' mechanism is preventing submitting the "Report a broken link" form while on EZproxy.

OCLC implemented a December 3 update to Discovery that resolved this bug.

December 3,


Scopus RESOLVED: We are currently experiencing an issue with Scopus Advanced searching. The issue appears when users go to the Advanced search menu, and click on "Add author name/affiliation". A pop-up menu appears. Users then can search and generate a list of authors, but when they select relevant author(s) and click "Add to search", the pop-up window goes blank and nothing happens. Elsevier is investigating this issue. In the meantime, users can use the "Authors" search instead of "Advanced" search, or can search by author ID if that is known. October 28, 2020
ProQuest My Research accounts RESOLVED: There is an ongoing issue with access to ProQuest's My Research (user self-created accounts) over EZProxy. Please use VPN to access your My Research account for the time being. October 5, 2020
WestlawNext Canada We are currently experiencing intermittent issues with access to WestlawNext Canada, where users are prompted to login/subscribe to the site, rather than being automatically authenticated with their McGill credentials through Shibboleth. Thomson Reuters is investigating the issue. September 15, 2020
PubMed and McGill Link Resolver RESOLVED: We are currently experiencing an issue with Find Full Text links from PubMed into our Discovery link resolver. Article requests are displaying a blank search, even when McGill has access to the article. OCLC is actively working on a resolution. In the meantime, be sure to access PubMed via our McGill-specific link. This will ensure that links provided by the publisher in PubMed (usually just above the Find Full Text link) will contain the EZproxy address and you will be able to get authenticated into the publisher's site as a McGill user, as long as we have a subscription. September 4, 2020
O'Reilly Learning Platform

RESOLVED: Single Sign On (SSO) problem when accessing through Discovery.

Deep links to content on the O'Reilly platform have recently been impacted by an issue affecting authentication. Links have since been upgraded in their entirety to account for SSO and should now prompt the user to authenticate and then take them straight to the title. If you continue to experience a lock on your O'Reilly account, please contact O'Reilly support to request this be lifted. We apologise for any inconvenience.

September 2, 2020

IPv6 affecting access HathiTrust and other e-resources platforms.

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) designed to solve the issue of IP4 exhaustion, is now a part of many e-resources providers networks, often with dual-stack IPv4/IPv6. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) have incorporated IPv6 and we have become aware recently of a rare issue whereby a user's router might be set to send/receive IPv6 to sites that are not yet IPv6 compliant. The e-resources access was only resolved once a user disabled IPv6 on their router.

August 19, 2021
ProQuest - News & Newspapers RESOLVED (August 10, 2020): Access to the "News & Newspapers" database collection from ProQuest is currently blocked, with patrons being presented a "We seem to have encountered a problem." screen after running a search. ProQuest is investigating the issue. August 5, 2020
McGill VPN

Coronavirus (COVID-19): VPN access restored. (Updated: Mon, 05/11/2020)

The VPN has been restored to full capacity and is once again available for accessing e-resources; however, to ensure stable performance for everyone in the McGill community, please continue to use EZproxy for accessing e-resources where possible.

May 12, 2020
Brill eBooks & eJournals

Brill eBooks access has been restored. (Updated: Thurs, 05/14/2020)

We are currently seeing an access issue with the Brill eJournals platform: https://brill.com. At the moment, any of McGill’s titles on Brill are showing a “Login via Institution” message, despite the McGill user’s authentication through VPN or EZproxy.

The issue has been reported to Brill and further updates will be sent out as more information becomes available.

May 13, 2020
Wiley Online Library ebooks PDF over EZproxy

RESOLVED (May, 2020): We are seeing an issue with Wiley Online Library ebooks whereby PDFs for ebook content are not loading in the browser or permitting download over EZproxy. This is only for Wiley ebooks, their journals are not affected.

April 16, 2020
De Gruyter
RESOLVED: Site is slowly coming back online following its move to a new website. Normal functionality is resuming.  
April 1, 2020
PressReader RESOLVED: Access via web-browser and EZproxy (including for PressReader app) during COVID-19 reduced-campus operations as VPN is being reserved for McGill network use.  See here for instructions on authenticating your PressReader app over EZproxy. March 30, 2020
RxTx from Canadian Pharmacists Association RESOLVED (March 30, 2020). Users are being asked to login. the publisher is working to resolve the issue. March 25, 2020
La Reference RESOLVED (March 30, 2020). Users are being prompted to a One Pass page. March 22, 2020
Ulrichsweb: Global Series Directory RESOLVED (March 30, 2020). Limited access and asking for an institutional login, when accessing over EZproxy. March 22, 2020
Taylor and Francis eBooks RESOLVED (March 6, 2020). All webpage requests are resulting in a 401 error with a message about the need to be on an authorised IP address. March 4, 2020
GeoScience World RESOLVED. The problem with loading the publisher's website from the McGill network has returned. The issue is being investigated but please use VPN to get around the problem while it is in the process of being resolved. January 17, 2020
Brepols databases. Library of Latin Texts A & B RESOLVED: Databases not giving access. Investigating subscription renewal status. January 28, 2020
Essential Evidence Plus RESOLVED. A technical issue with the platform has resulted in users not being able to access to articles. Wiley technical teams are actively working to restore access. January 23, 2020

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