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Our Commitment

McGill Library and Student Accessibility & Achievement coordinate programs and services with the goal of providing a rewarding library experience to users with disabilities, mental health issues, chronic health conditions or other impairments (whether temporary, permanent, or episodic).

The Library supports equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility work in programming, services, teaching and learning, staff culture, scholarship, and advocacy. We are committed to engaging with this ongoing work in a variety of ways with the aim of building deep and meaningful change. We currently have a number of EDI initiatives underway.

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Student Accessibility & Achievement

The Student Accessibility & Achievement has a range of information and services for students with disabilities at McGill, including requesting course-related material in alternate formats such as electronic text, large print, or Braille. The Office also runs a peer mentoring program, where students can be matched up with mentors or study partners. Students needing particular accommodations are encouraged to register with Student Accessibility and Achievement.

McGill Library Accessibility Working Group

The McGill Library Accessibility Working Group (MLAWG) was formed in September 2019.

The group’s mandate is to: continuously review the Library’s policies, services and resources to determine whether all users have equitable access to the McGill Library system and to ensure that the Library is in compliance with applicable legislation.

Some of our current projects include:

  • improving the descriptions of the bookable group study rooms
  • collecting feedback from the community
  • determining how accessibility can be incorporated into building/renovation projects

Please andrea.miller-nesbitt [at] (get in touch) if you would like to know more about MLAWG, or have any suggestions for us!

Student well-being

Did you know there are adjustable desks in the Library? Have you taken a break in the tranquility zone? Or browsed the Wendy Patrick Health Information Collection? These are just some of things the Library offers to support student well-being.


Andrea Miller-Nesbitt

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