Authentication and network access

This page has information on how to log on to the Library computers and McGill's wireless network.


McGill students, faculty and staff

Computer workstations

Wireless Network

The Library is part of the McGill Wireless Zone, allowing McGill students and staff who own laptops and other devices to connect to the Internet.


Visiting students, faculty and scholars


Students and faculty from other educational institutions may be able to use eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) to access the McGill wireless network.

Eduroam is an authentication service allowing users from participating educational institutions to securely access the wireless network of any eduroam-enabled institution by using the same credentials they would use at their home institution.

You can use eduroam from any wifi-enabled device while visiting McGill, by logging in to the eduroam network with valid credentials. For more information on eduroam and on getting access to it, see: eduroam.


Guest network accounts

A temporary guest network account may also be created to support short-term access to McGill's wireless network. For more information, please visit the McGill IT web site.

Note: eduroam and guest network accounts only provide access to McGill's wireless network, and do not provide access to Library e-resources.


All visitors to the Library

Anyone visiting the Library can log in to any of the Library's computer workstations as a guest using the following:

Username: guest.library [at]
Password: guest123

Logging in to a library computer as a guest will provide access to most of the Library's e-resources. Some licensed resources are also restricted to members of the McGill community.

Guest accounts do not provide access to unlimited web browsing, software applications, and hardware other than what is required to view, print, and download documents.

For more information about printing when logged in as a guest, see Scan, print and copy in the Library.


Software available to guests includes:
  1. 7Zip 2018
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2018
  3. Audacity 2.2
  4. Beyond 2020 Professional Browser 7.0 SP4
  5. EndNote X8
  6. Google Chrome Web Browser
  7. IBM SPSS Statistics 24
  8. JMP Pro 13
  9. Matlab R2017
  10. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Suite
  11. Microsoft Silverlight
  12. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser - Able to access external sites
  13. Notepad++ 7.5
  14. PerkinElmer ChemOffice Professional 2015
  15. Python 3.2
  16. R for Windows 3.5
  17. RStudio 1.1
  18. SAS 9.4
  19. VLC media player 3.0
  20. Zotero 5.0

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