Landsat Imagery

Landsat is comprised of several series of satellites used to monitor the earth's land surface at approximately 30 meter resolution. These images provide a unique resource for people who work in agriculture, geology, forestry, regional planning, education, mapping, and global change research. McGill University Library has a small archive of Landsat imagery that covers specific regions within Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. Some sets of imagery are individual shots, whereas others are time series.

Please note: each image in our archive is in its' raw format, thus requiring the user to have expertise in remote sensing techniques.

Alternatively, for easier-to-use world wide Landsat imagery for the years 1990 and 2000, please consult Geocover

Landsat image of Old Factory, Quebec


Official Titles
  • Landsat 4
  • Landsat 5
  • Landsat 7
Dates Various
Formats Various
Image Pixel Size 30 metres on the ground
Projection Unprojected or UTM
Datum NAD83 / WGS84 or No Datum
  • Gaspé - Cascapedia River Basin
  • James Bay - Old Factory
  • Montreal & Monterégie: Path 14 Row 28
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru - Pulcapa region
  • Panama - East of Canal Zone
  • Saguenay River - East of the Fjord
  • Vietnam: Path 128 Row 45
  • Yukon - Herschel Island & Western Mackenzie Delta
Documentation Please contact staff at the GIC for documentation
Licence Restricted to McGill University community. Must be used only for research and educational purposes
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form.
Distributer and Producer MDA Corporation &

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