Quickbird Satellite Imagery

McGill University Library has a small collection of Digital Globe's Quickbird satellite imagery. Quickbird is a high-resolution (60 cm) satellite. All of the images in our collection have been radiometrically and geometrically corrected. In addition, the images are projected in Universal Transvere Mercator. Each satellite image in our collection has two components, a black and white image (60 cm resolution), and a multispectral image (240 cm resolution).

Sample of a resampled Quickbird image near Gault Estate


Official Title Quickbird Images
Date Various
Format TIFF / TWF.
Image Pixel Size
  • Monochrome : 60 cm metre on ground
  • Colour : 240 cm on the ground
Projection UTM
Datum NAD83
  • George River, Nunavik (Northern Quebec)
Quickbird Image 117054 P001 George River Townsite (02/08/02)Quickbird Image 117054 P002 George River Townsite (02/08/02)
  • Mer Bleue Peat Bog, Ontario (East of Ottawa)
    Quickbird Image 55413 Mer Blue (03/07/15)
  • Mont-Saint-Hillaire, Quebec (Gault Nature Reserve)
    Quickbird Image 5510500 Mont Saint Hillaire (05/12/06) Quickbird Image 5510500 Mont Saint Hillaire (05/06/27)
  • Montreal (Downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods, and part of the South Shore)
    Quickbird Image 5569087 Downtown Montreal (06/05/07)
  • Panama
    Quickbird Image 5536774 Panama (06/09/05) Quickbird Image 5536774 Panama (06/02/11)
  • Scheffervile Region, Quebec
    Quickbird Image 556095 Schefferville (03/07/31) Quickbird Image 5564113 Northern Schefferville (06/10/11)
Index Map Please consult this Quickbird and Ikonos Imagery interactive map index to determine which Quickbird images correspond with your geographic area of interest.
Licence Restricted to McGill University community. Must be used solely for research and educational purposes.
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form . Please list the desired images.
Distributer and Producer Digital Globe
Citation Quickbird Satellite Image. [state geographic area here]. [computer file]. Longmont, Colorado : Digital Globe, [year].

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