Thematic maps

The focus of the GIS map and atlas collection is primarily on Montreal, the province of Quebec, Canada and the United States. In addition, we have an international map and atlas collection that contains national atlases, topographic maps and general maps for many countries.

We have an extensive collection for other parts of Canada, but not to the same level of detail as available for Montreal. Topics covered include: topographic maps, geological maps, soil survey maps, thematic atlases, and general city and road maps. Please note that our large scale maps (1:1000 - 1:20 000) for areas outside of the Montreal region are scarce and out of date.

Only 10% of our maps are catalogued, to determine the call number of your region of interest please use the following table or ask staff at the McGill Library for help.

Place Name Map Code Atlas codes
Afghanistan G7630 G2265
Africa G8200 G2445
Albania G6830 G2005
Algeria G8240 G2465
American Samoa G9560 G2980
Andorra G6660 G1970
Angola G8640 G2595
Anguilla G5045 G1652
Antarctica G9800 G3100
Antigua G5050 G1652
Argentina G5350 G1755
Armenia G7150 G2164.6
Asia G7400 G2200
Australia G8960 G2750
Austria G6490 G1935
Azerbaijan G7140 G2164.4
Azores G9130 G2815
Bahamas G4980 G1635
Bahrain G7590 G2249.85
Bangladesh G7645 G2275
Barbados G5140 G1672
Belarus G7090 G2145
Belglum G6010 G1865
Belize G4820 G1560
Belorussia G7090 G2145
Benin (Dahomey) G8750 G2650
Bermuda G9120 G2810
Bhutan G7780 G2299.5
Bolivia G5320 G1745
Bosnia & Hercegovina G6860 G2024.5
Botswana G8600 G2579.7
Brazil G5400 G1775
British Solomon Islands G9275 G2875
Brunei G8198.5 G2444.8
Bulgaria G6890 G2040
Burkina Faso G8805 G2679.3
Burma G7720 G2285
Burundi G8435 G2539.7
Cambodia G8010 G2374.3
Cameroon G8730 G2635
Canada G3400 G1115
Canary Islands G9150 G2825
Cape Verde G9160 G2830
Caymen Islands G4965 G1602
Central African Repulique G8710 G2625
Central America G4800 G1550
Chad (Tchad) G8720 G2630
Chile G5330 G1750
China G7820 G2305
Colombia G5290 G1730
Congo (Brazzaville) G8700 G2620
Cook Islands G9600 N/A
Costa Rica G4860 G1580
Croatia G6870 G2030
Cuba G4920 G1605
Cyprus G7450 G2215
Czech Republic G6510 G1945
Denmark G6920 G2055
Djibouti G8360 G2520
Dominica G5100 G1672
Dominican Republic G4950 G1620
East Germany G6090 G1915
East Timor G8198.2 G2433.2
Ecuador G5300 G1735
Egypt G8300 G2490
Eire (Ireland) G5780 G1830
El Salvador G4840 G1570
England G5750 G1815
Equatorial Guinea G8660 G2605
Eritrea G8340 G2510
Estonia G7030 G2125
Ethiopia G8330 G2505
Europe G5700 G1791
Falkland Islands G9175 G2835
Faroe Islands G6925 G2059.2
Fiji G9380 G2890
Finland G6960 G2075
France G5830 G1840
French Guiana G5270 G1720
French Indochina G8005 G2365
French West Indies G5060 G1660
Gabon G8690 G2615
Gambia G8870 G2710
Georgia G7130 G2164.2
Germany G6080 G1910
Ghana G8850 G2700
Gibraltar G6670 N/A
Great Britain G5740 G1810
Greece G6810 G2000
Greenland G3380 G1110
Grenada G5130 G1672
Guadeloupe G5070 G1662.G8
Guam G9415 G2910
Guatemala G4810 G1555
Guianas G5240 G1705
Guinea G8790 G2670
Guinea-Bissau G8890 G2730
Guyana G5250 G1710
Haiti G4940 G1615
Honduras G4830 G1565
Hong Kong G7940 G2308.H45
Hungary G6500 G1940
Iceland G6930 G2060
India G7650 G2280
Indonesia G8070 G2400
Iran G7620 G2255
Iraq G7610 G2250
Ireland G5780 G1830
Israël G7500 G2235
Italy G6710 G1985
Ivory Coast G8780 G2665
Jamaica G4960 G1625
Japan G7960 G2355
Jordan G7510 G2240
Kazakhstan G7220 G2168.1
Kenya G8410 G2530
Korea G7900 G2330
Kuwait G7600 G2249.9
Kyrgyzstan G7250 G2168.7
Laos G8015 G2374.5
Latvia G7040 G2130
Lebanon G7470 G2225
Leeward Islands G5030 G1650
Lesotho G8580 G2579.3
Liberia G8880 G2720
Libya G8260 G2475
Liechtenstein G6050 G1900
Lithuania G7050 G2135
Luxembourg G6020 G1870
Macau G7945 G2308.M2
Madagascar G8460 G2555
Madiera G9140 G2820
Malawi G8610 G2579.9
Malay Archiplego G8050 G2385
Malaysia G8030 G2380
Maldives G9215 G2857.M25
Mali G8800 G2675
Malta G6790 G1992.3
Manchuria G7830 G2310
Mariana Islands G9410 G2905
Marshall Islands G9460 G2930
Martinique G5080 G1662.M3
Mauritania G8820 G2685
Mauritius G9185 G2857.M3
Mexico G4410 G1545
Micronesia G9400 G2900
Moldova G7110 G2155
Monaco G5980 G1845
Mongolia G7895 G2315
Montenegro G6855 G2020
Montserrat G5055 G1652
Morocco G8230 G2460
Mozambique G8450 G2550
Myanmar G7720 G2285
Namibia G8620 G2580
Nepal G7760 G2295
Netherland Antilles G5165 G1690
Netherlands G6000 G1860
New Caledonia G9340 G2885
New Guinea G8140 G2440
New Zealand G9080 G2795
Nicaragua G4850 G1575
Niger G8770 G2660
Nigeria G8840 G2695
North America G3300 G1105
North Korea G7905 G2334.3
Northern Ireland G5790 G1829.2
Norway G6940 G2065
Oman G7560 G2249.7
Pakistan G7640 G2270
Palestine G7500 G2235
Panama G4870 G1585
Papua New Guinea G8160 G2444.4
Paraguay G5380 G1770
Peru G5310 G1740
Philippines G8060 G2390
Poland G6520 G1950
Portugal G6690 G1975
Puerto Rico G4970 G1630
Qatar G7580 G2249.8
Rhodesia G8550 G2570
Romania G6880 G2035
Russia G7060 G2140
Rwanda G8430 G2539.5
Saint Christopher G5040 G1652
Saint Lucia G5110 G1672
Saint Vincent G5120 G1672
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon G3650 G1195
Saudi Arabia G7530 G2249.3
Scotland G5770 G1825
Senegal G8810 G2680
Serbia G6850 G2015
Seychelles G9200 G2857.S4
Siberia G7270 G2170
Sierra Leone G8860 G2705
Singapore G8040 G2384.3
Slovakia G6515 G1949.5
Slovenia G6875 G2034.5
Soloman Islands G9280 G2875
Somalia G8350 G2515
South Africa (Rep. of) G8500 G2565
South America G5200 G1700
South Korea G7900 G2330
Spain G6560 G1965
Sri Lanka G7750 G2290
Sudan G8310 G2495
Surinam G5260 G1715
Svalbard G9790 G3060
Swaziland G8590 G2579.5
Sweden G6950 G2070
Switzerland G6040 G1895
Syria G7460 G2220
Taiwan G7910 G2340
Tajikistan G7260 G2168.9
Tanzania G8440 G2540
Tasmania G9060 G2790
Tchad G8720 G2630
Thailand G8025 G2375
The Congo (Democratic Republic) G8650 G2600
Tibet G7890 G2325
Timor G8195 G2430
Togo G8760 G2655
Tonga G9570 N/A
Trinidad & Tobago G5145 G1680
Tunisia G8250 G2470
Turkey G7430 G2210
Turkmenistan G7240 G2168.5
Turks and Caicos G4985 G1602
Uganda G8420 G2535
Ukraine G7100 G2150
United Arab Emirates G7570 G2249.75
United States G3700 G1200
Upper Volta G8805 G2679.3
Uruguay G5370 G1765
USSR G7000 G2110
Uzbekistan G7230 G2168.3
Vanuatu / New Hebrides G9295 G2880
Venezuela G5280 G1725
Vietnam G8020 G2370
Virgin Islands G5005 G1640
Virgin Islands (British) G5020 G1640
Wales G5760 G1820
West Germany G6295 G1920
West Indies G4900 G1600
Western Samoa G9565 G2980
Windward Islands G5090 G1670
World G3200 G1100
Yemen G7550 G2249.5
Yemen, North G7540 G2249.5
Yugoslavia G6840 G2010
Zaïre G8650 G2600
Zambia (N Rhodesia) G8570 G2575
Zimbabwe (S Rhodesia) G8560 G2574.3

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