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The Montreal Cartographic Plans are detailed large scale mapping (1:1 000) of the City of Montreal. Each file covers 0.7 square kilometers. Layers include: building outlines, spot heights, street names, roads, railways, and administrative boundaries.

Sample image of a part of 31hl0136_carto.dwg


Title Montreal Cartographic Plans 1:1000 - Cartographie de base numérique de Montréal 1/1000
Author City of Montreal
Date 2007-2009 (date varies for each file). Previous years also available.
Language French
Format Autocad {.dwg} and Microstation {.dgn}
Scale 1: 1 000
Projection Modified Transverse Mercator. Zone 8
Datum NAD83
Licence Restricted to McGill users
Index Map Montreal Cartographic Plans Index Map of the data files available.
Documentation Liste des plages d'information pour la cartographie de base (French) contains a detailed description of the layers found in each Montreal Cartographic Plan file.
Access Download [restricted to McGill students, faculty and staff]
Citation Cartographie de base numérique 1/1000 Map Number. [computer file]. 1:1 000, Montréal: Ville de Montréal year.

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