National Topographic Database

The National Topographic Data Base contains detailed large scale mapping (1:50 000 and 1:250 000 scales) of Canada showing hydrography, contours, vegetation, roads, rail network, electric power network, designated areas, land forms, wetlands, and manmade features. Data is available in vector formats that are supported by ArcGIS and ArcView.

Sample image of NTDB dataset


NTDB is available for download here:


Additional Information

Title National Topographic Database
Author Minister of Natural Resources, Canada
Date Various
Language English & French
Format ArcView Shape {.shp}
Scale 1:50 000 & 1:250 000
Projection Latitude/Longitude (Geographic NAD83)
Access Tips
  1. It is easiest way to determine the NTDB dataset(s) you require is to find it's NTS code (ex. 31H12). The indexes listed below can be used to find the NTS code.

    Example: to determine the NTS codes for the island of Montreal, open Quebec NTS Index and zoom in on the map to the island of Montreal, the NTS codes are 31H05, 31H11 and 31H12.
  2. To download the data go to :
Licence Available to the general public
Citation (sample) Laval, Quebec. [computer file]. National Topographic Database, 1:50 000, map code 31H/12, version 3.10. Ottawa: Natural Resources Canada, Geomatics Canada, 1995.


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