STM Data

STM Transit Data is a geospatial database of transit data from the Société de Transport de Montréal. It contains GIS files of: bus routes, bus stops, metro lines, metro stations, commuter rail stops, commuter rail stations, night bus routes, reserved bus lanes, service areas, and STM garages.

Sample map produced with the STM data


Title STM Transit Data
Author Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) / Montreal Transit Commission
Date 2007 (2010 bus route update. Use 2007 data for all other layers)
Coverage Island of Montreal and surroundings
Format Shapefile
Projection Modified Transverse Mercator
Datum NAD 83
Licence Restricted to McGill users. Must be used for research, educational and teaching purposes ONLY.
Documentation Please ask GIC staff for documentation
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form.
Citation STM Transit Data. [computer file]. Montréal: Section Information et production graphique, Société de Transport de Montréal, 2007.

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