Deglaciation of North America

This dataset contains digital, geo-spatial information about the Deglaciation of North America, released as Geological Survey of Canada Open File 1574. The geo-spatial information includes the glacial margins at defined time slices and carbon 14 dated sample locations used to define these glacial margins. In total, 32 time slices are presented ranging from 5000 to 102500 years ago.

Sample Map from Open File 1547


Title Deglaciation of North America
Author Dyke, A. S., A. Moore, and L. Robertson
Date 2003
Coverage Canada wide
Language English

GIS Data: ESRI Shape [.SHP], ArcInfo [.e00]

Image Files: [.BMP] and [.PDF]

Projection Lambert Conformal
User Agreement Geological Survey of Canada is the copyright holder of this product. It is available to McGill University researchers, students, and faculty ONLY for purposes of study, teaching and research.
Documentation User Guide (meta1547.rtf) available on the CD-ROM.
Access Available Online:
Citation Dyke, A.S., Moore, A. and L. Robertson. [computer file]. Deglaciation of North America. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 1547. Ottawa: Natural Resources Canada, 2003.

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