Toronto Orthophotos

These digital orthophotos provide a full-colour view of the Greater Toronto Area. The images were taken in April 1999 and are provided by Triathlon Inc. Each image covers an area of 6 square kilometers with a half meter image resolution.

Toronto Orthophoto Example


Title Greater Toronto and Region Orthophotos, 1999
Author Triathlon Inc.
Date April 1999
Language English
Format GeoTIFF
Scale 1: 20 000
Image Pixel Size 50 cm
Projection UTM
Datum NAD83
Extent Toronto (City)
Licence Greater Toronto Area Orthophoto License Agreement . Restricted to McGill users
Documentation Description of Orthophotos of the Greater Toronto Area, 1999
Index Map Triathlon Toronto Orthophotos Index is the index of Toronto orthophotos available.
Access Members of the McGill Community can obtain copies of the data by filling out the Geospatial Data Request Form. Please list desired orthophoto images (ex. 39362).
Citation Colour Digital Orthophotos of The Greater Toronto Area 1999. File number. [computer file]. Burnaby: Triathlon Mapping Corporation, [2000].

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