Kennedy Watershed Atlas

 CD Cover of Kennedy Watershed Digital Atlas


Available at the Geographic Information Centre Information Desk. Call number GEO REF G1172 K46 C315 N6 2000 vol.1 pt.3 CD-ROM.


Available to all users.




CD-ROM version of "Kennedy Watershed Atlases Series, Volume 1: Watershed Overview, Digital Atlas". The CD-ROM contains a wealth of information on the physical characteristics, natural history, traditional, and current land use of the Kennedy Watershed of Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, presented through dynamic layouts, interactive maps and charts, a photo gallery and a fly-over video. Print versions of the atlases is available at GEO ATLAS SMALL G1172 K46 C315 N6 2000 at the Geographic Information Centre.

System Requirements

To view and extract the information located on this CD-ROM you must have access to the Kennedy Watershed software, located on only ONE of the workstations at the Geographic Information Centre

Producer's Web site

Northwest Ecosystem Institute, Lantzville, BC site is no longer available (latest site on WayBack Machine: 2005)

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