Bathymetry of Lake Michigan

Example of Bathymetry of Lake Michigan data

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Available at the Walter Hitschfeld Geographic Information Centre Information desk. Call number G3312 M5 C2 1996 B38 CD-ROM


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The bathymetry of Lake Michigan consists of geological and geophysical data about Lake Michigan. The bathymetric data was compiled at the scale of 1:250 000 with contour intervals of 5 metres. The data is available for use in ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x, both in vector and raster formats. In addition, ascii and binary versions of the data is available to export into other GIS program. Images, in EPS, JPEG, and GIF formats, are available for seven areas of Lake Michigan.

System Requirements

To view and extract vector and raster data from this CD, you need ArcView 3.x or ArcGIS, available on the public workstations at the Walter Histchfeld Geographic Information Centre, EDRS, and Macdonald Campus Library electronic clasroom.

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NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center

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