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Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AES)

Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Agricultural Economics
Graduate Program Director paul.thomassin [at] (Prof. Paul Thomassin) 514-398-7956
Graduate Program Coordinator erin.minnett [at] (Ms. Erin Minnett) 514-398-7560
Animal Science
Graduate Program Director vilceu.bordignon [at] (Prof. Vilceu Bordignon) 514-398-7793
Graduate Program Coordinator erin.minnett [at] (Ms. Erin Minnett) 514-398-7560
Bioresource Engineering
Graduate Program Director VIJAYA.RAGHAVAN [at] MCGILL.CA (Prof. Vijaya Raghavan ) 514-398-8731
Graduate Program Coordinator (thesis programs) christiane.trudeau [at] (Ms. Christiane Trudeau) 514-398-7725
Academic Associate (non-thesis programs) laura.wittebol [at] (Dr. Laura Wittebol) 514-398-7941
Human Nutrition (School of)
Graduate Program Director stephanie.chevalier [at] (Stephanie Chevalier) 514-398-1934
ext. 35019
Graduate Program Coordinator (MSc thesis, PhD, and MSc Applied - Dietetics Credentialing, Practicum) simone.clamann [at] (Ms. Simone Clamann) 514-398-7762
Academic Associate (MSc Applied - Project option) laura.wittebol [at] (Dr. Laura Wittebol) 514-398-7941
Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Graduate Program Director ashraf.ismail [at] (Dr. Ashraf Ismail) 514-398-7991
Graduate Program Coordinator (thesis programs) erin.minnett [at] (Ms. Erin Minnett) 514-398-7560
Academic Associate (non-thesis programs) laura.wittebol [at] (Dr. Laura Wittebol) 514-398-7941
Natural Resource Sciences
Graduate Program Director sebastien.faucher2 [at] (Prof. Sebastien Faucher) 514-398-7886
Graduate Program Coordinator lise.grant [at] (S)simone.clamann [at] (imone Clamann) 514-398-7762
Parasitology (Institute of)
Graduate Program Director petra.rohrbach [at] (Prof. Petra Rohrbach) 514-398-7726
Biotechnology Program Director roger.prichard [at] (Prof. Roger Prichard) 514-398-7729
Graduate Program Coordinator christiane.trudeau [at] (Ms. Christiane Trudeau) 514-398-7725
Plant Science
Graduate Program Director valerie.gravel [at] (Prof. Valérie Gravel) 514-398-8132
Graduate Program Coordinator erin.minnett [at] (Ms. Erin Minnett) 514-398-7560


Graduate Program Director lisa.overholtzer [at] (Prof. Lisa Overholtzer) 514-398-4229
Graduate Program Coordinator saida.perezcordova [at] (Saida Perez Cordova) 514-398-4300
Fellowships Coordinator sandra.hyde [at] (Sandra Hyde) 514-398-4292
Student Affairs Manager franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) 514-398-6845
Art History and Communication Studies
Graduate Program Director gpd-ahcs.arts [at] (Prof. Jenny Burman) 514-398-4933
Graduate Administrative Coordinator graduate.ahcs [at] (Natasha Klein-Panneton) 514-398-4933
East Asian Studies
Graduate Program Director gavin.walker [at] (Dr. Gavin Walker) 514-398-4400
ext. 09274
Graduate Program Coordinator sarah.curci [at] (Sarah Curci) 514-398-4455
ext. 09015
Graduate Program Director fabian.lange [at] (Prof. Fabian Lange) (514) 398-3030
ext. 09358
Graduate Program Coordinator

lisa.stevenson [at] (Lisa Stevenson)

Student Affairs Coordinator lisa.stevenson [at] (Lisa Stevenson) 514-398-5085
Manager, Student Affairs andrew.stoten [at] (Andrew Stoten) 514-398-4400, ext. 094766
Graduate Program Director gpd.english [at] (Prof. Monica Popescu)  
Graduate Program Coordinator maria.vasile [at] (Maria Vasile) 514-398-6564
History and Classical Studies
Graduate Program Director judith.szapor [at] (Prof. Judith Szapor) 514-398-4400
Graduate Coordinator jessica.ward2 [at] (Jessica Ward) 514-398-3975
Student Affairs Manager franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) 514-398-6845
Islamic Studies
Graduate Program Director gpd.islamics [at] (Prof. Prashant Keshavmurthy ) 514-398-4400,
ext. 089509
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator info.islamics [at] (Adina Sigartau) 514-398-4499,
Ext. 09665
Administrative Officer anne.farray [at] (Anne Farray) 514-398-4400, 
ext. 09895
Jewish Studies
Director/Graduate Program Director chris.silver [at] (Prof. Christopher Silver) 514-398-5748
Student Affairs Manager franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) 514-398-6845
Student Affairs Coordinator jessica.ward2 [at] (Jessica Ward) 514-398-3975
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Languages, Literatures, and CulturesGerman Studies
Graduate Program Director karin.bauer [at] (Prof. Karin Bauer) 514-398-4400,
Graduate Coordinator sarah.curci [at] (Sarah Curci) 514-398-4455
ext. 09015
Languages, Literatures, and CulturesHispanic Studies
Graduate Program Director jesus.perez [at] (Prof. Jesus Perez-Magallon) 514-398-4400,
ext. 00371
Graduate Coordinator sarah.curci [at] (Sarah Curci) 514-398-4455
ext. 09015
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Italian Studies
Graduate Program Director eugenio.bolongaro [at] (Prof. Eugenio Bolongaro)  
Graduate Coordinator sarah.curci [at] (Sarah Curci) 514-398-4455
ext. 09015
Languages, Literatures, and CulturesRussian and Slavic Studies
Graduate Program Director laura.beraha [at] (Prof. Laura Beraha) 514-398-4400,
ext. 09478
Graduate Coordinator sarah.curci [at] (Sarah Curci) 514-398-4455
ext. 09015
Langue et littérature françaises
Graduate Program Director

arnaud.bernadet [at] (Prof. Arnaud Bernadet )

Graduate Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator info.dltc [at] (Natasha Klein-Panneton) 514-398-8608
Graduate Program Director meghan.clayards [at] (Meghan Clayards) 514-398-4235
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator andria.de_luca [at] (Andria De Luca) 514-398-4222
Admissions and Funding Director morgan.sonderegger [at] (Morgan Sonderegger) 514-398-4222 ext.00902 
Max Bell School of Public Policy
Graduate Program Director andrew2.potter [at] (Prof. Andrew Potter)  
Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Helen Aaron) 514-398-2283
Graduate Program Director emily.carson [at] (Prof. Emily Carson) 514-398-6620
Manager, Student Affairs andrew.stoten [at] (Andrew Stoten) 514-398-2386
Graduate Program Coordinator tianyi.zheng [at] (Tianyi Zheng)  
Political Science
Graduate Program Director yves.winter [at] (Prof. Yves Winter) 514-398-6511
Graduate Program Coordinator graduate.polisci [at] (Milton Magill) 514-398-1578
Manager, Student Affairs andrew.stoten [at] (Andrew Stoten ) 514-398-4400,
ext. 094766
School of Information Studies
MIST Graduate Program Director ben.fung [at] (Prof. Benjamin Fung) 514-398-3360
Graduate Program Director (PhD) joan.bartlett [at] (Prof. Joan Bartlett) 514-398-6976
Student Affairs Coordinator Kathryn.Hubbard [at] (Kathryn Hubbard) 514-398-4204,
ext. 0742
 School of Religious Studies
Graduate Program Director Daniel.cere [at] (Dr. Daniel Cere)  
Student Affairs Coordinator studaffairs.relg [at] MCGILL.CA (Ashley Smith) 514-398-5251
Social Work
Director Indigenous Access McGill (IAM) nicole.ives [at] (Prof. Nicole Ives) 514-398-7065
MSW Graduate Program Director lucy.lach [at] (Dr. Lucyna Lach) 514-398-4206
PhD Graduate Program Director tamara.sussman [at] (Dr. Tamara Sussman) 514-398-2265
MSc (A) CFT Program Director heather.macintosh [at] (Dr. Heather Macintosh) 514-398-7056
Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator (MSW, PhD) carmela.sciandra [at] (Carmela Sciandra) 514-398-2361
Student Affairs Coordinator, Graduate Fellowships carmela.sciandra [at] (Carmela Sciandra) 514-398-7070
Administrative Assistant, MSc (Applied) Couple & Family Therapy patty.tarica [at] (Patty Tarica) 514-398-2732
Student Affairs Coordinator, MSc (Applied) CFT sara.marcil-johnson [at] (Sara Marcil-Johnson) 514-398-3950
Graduate Program Director eran.shor [at] (Prof. Eran Shor) 514-398-6838
Graduate Program Coordinator saida.perezcordova [at] (Saida Perez Cordova) 514-398-4300
Student Affairs Manager franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) 514-398-6845
Study of International Development (Institute for the)
Student Affairs Coordinator kirsty.mckinnon [at] (Kirsty McKinnon ) 514-398-3507

School of Continuing Studies

Career and Professional Development
Graduate Program Director Hang.Lau [at] (Prof. Hang Lau ) 514-398-2522
Graduate Program Coordinator dawne.ramsahoye [at] (Dawne Ramsahoye) 514-398-1261

Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences

Dentistry Sciences Graduate Program Director simon.tran [at] (Prof. Simon Tran) 514-398-7203,
ext. 09182
MSc Thesis Program Director monzur.murshed [at] (Dr. Monzur Murshed) 514-282-7180
MSc Thesis Program Director arkady.khoutorsky [at] (Dr. Arkady Khoutorsky) 514-398-5764
MSc Non-Thesis Program Director alissa.levine [at] (Dr. Alisa Levine) 514-398-6699
PhD Program Co-Director bettina.willie [at] (Dr. Bettina Willie) 514-282-7156
Graduate Studies Officer gradofficer.dentistry [at] (Crystal Noronha) 514-987-728
Graduate Studies Coordinator graduate.dentistry [at] (Despoina Moirakidou) 514-398-6699
Student Affairs Administrator, GPR & OMFS gpr.dentistry [at] (Sabrina Sicilia) 514-934-1934,
ext. 42465


Educational and Counselling Psychology
Graduate Program Director, Counselling Psychology [at] (Dr. Steven Shaw)  
Graduate Program Director, Learning Sciences and Health Professions Education michael.hoover [at] (Dr. Michael Hoover) 514-398-1607
Graduate Program Director, School/Applied Child Psychology [at] (Dr. Steven Shaw)  
Graduate Program Director, Human Development gigi.luk [at] (Dr. Gigi Luk) 514-398-1036
Graduate Program Director, Master of Education (M.Ed.) Concentrations in Educational Psychology gigi.luk [at] (Dr. Gigi Luk) 514-398-1036
Graduate Program Administrator charlotte.mccaffrey [at] (Charlotte McCaffrey) 514-398-4242
Student Affairs Coordinator paulette.bessette [at] (Paulette Bessette) 514-398-4242
Student Affairs Coordinator dominique.ammendolea [at] (Dominique Ammendolea) 514-398-4244
Student Affairs Coordinator m.agir [at] (Nedim Agir) 514-398-4248
Integrated Studies in Education
Graduate Program Director, Graduate Certificate in MATL mindy.carter [at] (Prof. Mindy Carter) 514-398-4527
ext. 09669
Graduate Program Director, Graduate Certificate in TESL and PiF caroline.riches [at] (Dr. Caroline Riches) 514-398-4527
ext. 00539
Assistant Graduate Program Director, Graduate Certificate in PiF and MATL, Certificat d’études supérieures en pédagogie de l’immersion française sheryl.smithgilman [at] (Prof. Sheryl Smith-Gilman) 514-398-4527
ext. 00177
Graduate Program Director, Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership joseph.levitan [at] (Prof. Joseph Levitan) 514-398-4527
ext. 094570
Graduate Program Co-Director, (MA - Non-Thesis Programs) joseph.levitan [at] (Prof. Joseph Levitan) 514-398-4527
ext. 094570
caroline.riches [at] (Dr. Caroline Riches) 514-398-4527
ext. 00539
Graduate Program Director (MA Thesis / PhD programs) paul.zanazanian [at] (Dr. Paul Zanazanian ) 514-398-4527
ext. 00495
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Master's and PhD) Grad.dise [at]  
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.dise [at] (Hailey Li) 514-398-4527
ext. 09133
Kinesiology and Physical Education
Graduate Program Director lindsay.duncan [at] (Dr. Lindsay Duncan) 514-398-4184 
ext. 00919
Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator

studentaffairs.kpe [at] (Catherine Klempa)

ext. 0367


Student Advisor/Professional Program Administrator mary.lanni [at] (Mary Lanni-Campoli ) 514-398-6702
Graduate Program Director theodora.vardouli [at] (Theodora Vardouli )  
Graduate Program Coordinator phd.architecture [at] (Luciana Adoyo) 514-398-6716
Graduate Secretary (Post-professional program) marcia.king [at] (Marcia King ) 514-398-6701
Chemical Engineering
Graduate Program Director Phillip.Servio [at] (Prof. Phillip Servio) 514-398-1026
Graduate Coordinator gradcoordinator.chemeng [at] (Beata Kaatori) 514-398-3483
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Graduate Program Director luc.chouinard [at] (Prof. Luc Chouinard) 514-398-6446
Graduate Program Coordinator gradinfo.civil [at] (Sun Chee Wong) 514-398-6858
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduate Program Director gradadministrator.ece [at] (Prof. Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur) 514-398-6901
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.ece [at] (Ashley Araneta) 514-398-7344
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.ece [at] (Morgan Marden) 514-398-1406
Graduate Program Administrator gradadministrator.ece [at] (Caroline Brown) 514-398-2346
Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Program Director (interim) mathias.legrand [at] (Prof. Mathias Legrand) 514-398-6349
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.mecheng [at] (Connie Greco) 514-398-8869
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.mecheng [at] (Anne-Marie Pierre) 514-398-6281
Mining and Materials Engineering
Graduate Program Director mathieu.brochu [at] (Prof. Mathieu Brochu) 514-398-2354
Associate Program Director kirk.bevan [at] (Prof. Kirk Bevan) 514-398-2680
Graduate Coordinator Barbara.Hanley [at] (Barbara Hanley ) 514-398-4383
Urban Planning
Graduate Program Director (MUP and PhD) madhav.badami [at] (Prof. Madhav Badami) 514-398-3183
Co-Graduate Program Director nik.luka [at] (Prof. Nik Luka) 514-398-4075
Director RICHARD.SHEARMUR [at] MCGILL.CA (Prof. Richard Shearmur) 514-398-4075
Administrative Assistant paula.domingues [at] (Paula Domingues) 514-398-4075
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator Gladys.Chan [at] (Gladys Chan ) 514-398-4075

Bieler School of Environment

Graduate Coordinator grad.mse [at] (Christina Zhu) 514-398-2827

Interfaculty studies

Biological and Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Program Director brandon.xia [at] (Prof. Brandon Xia) 514-398-5026
Associate Graduate Program Director maryam.tabrizian [at] (Prof. Maryam Tabrizian) 514-398-8129
Student Affairs Officer pina.sorrini [at] (Pina Sorrini) 514-398-2866
Graduate Program Coordinator info.bbme [at] MCGILL.CA (Sabrina Teoli) 514-398-6736
Student Affairs Coordinator Non-Thesis Program biomfg.bbme [at] (Valerie Alfonso)  
Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN)
Director edward.ruthazer [at] (Dr. Edward Ruthazer) 514-398-4022
Student Affairs Coordinator ipn [at] (Suri Wang) 514-398-1905
Student Affairs Coordinator, Admission ipn.admissions [at] (Mirko Sablich) 514-398-6243
Quantitative Life Sciences
Graduate Program Director celia.greenwood [at] (Dr. Celia Greenwood) 514-340-8222 ext. 2-8397
Associate Graduate Program Director rob.sladek [at] (Prof. Rob Sladek) 514-398-5458
Graduate Program Coordinator coordinator.qls [at] (Alexander DeGuise) 514-398-4826


Associate Dean darren.rosenblum [at] (Prof. Darren Rosenblum) 514-398-8232
Graduate Student Affairs Administrator bianca.bourgeois [at] (Bianca Bourgeois) 514-398-6635
Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator dalia.charafeddine [at] (Dalia Charafeddine) 514-398-6635
Student Affairs Coordinator [at] (Ilana Chocron) 514-398-6635

Desautels Faculty of Management

Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA Program)
GCPA Director amanda.abrams [at] (Amanda Abrams)  
Student Affairs Administrator rebecca.paynter-khitab [at] (Rebecca Paynter-Khitab)  
Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management (GCHM)
Co-Academic Director leslie.breitner [at] (Leslie Breitner (Faculty of Management)) 514-398-3430
Co-Academic Director adrian.dancea [at] (Adrian Dancea (Faculty of Medicine and Health Science)) 514-412-4400
ext. 2319
Program Manager maureen.cox [at] (Maureen Cox) 514-398-4000
ext. 0525
Executive MBA McGill-HEC Montreal
Co-Academic Director alain.pinsonneault [at] (Prof. Alain Pinsonneault) 514-398-4905
Co-Academic Director louis.hebert [at] (Prof. Louis Hébert ) 514-340-6334
Graduate Program Director marianne.vandenbosch [at] (Prof. Marianne Vandenbosch ) 514-398-8013
Program Administrator melodie.lirette [at] (Melodie Lirette) 514-340-7112
IMHL (Management)
Graduate Program Director Henry.Mintzberg [at] (Prof. Henry Mintzberg) 514-398-4017
Program Director LESLIE.BREITNER [at] MCGILL.CA (Prof. Leslie Breitner) 514-398-3430
Program Director abraham.fuks. [at] (Prof. Abraham Fuks)

ext. 279

Program Manager elizabeth.branco [at] (Elizabeth Branco) 514-398-8811
Program Administrator tammy.cree [at] (Tammy Cree) 514-398-5010
IMPM (Management)
Program Director TBA  
Program Manager    
Master in Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (GMSCM)
GMSCM Program Director [at] (Prof. Shanling Li ) 514-398-2407
Program Administrator antoinette.molino [at] (Y)yulia.nikitina [at] (ulia Nikitina) 514-398-4130
Master of Management in Finance (MMF)
MMF Academic Director adolfo.demotta [at] (P) [at] (rof. Jan Ericsson) 514-398-3186
Program Administrator lauren.houghton [at] (Lauren Houghton) 514-398-4457
Master of Management in Analytics (MMA)
MMA Academic Director ernan.haruvy [at] (Prof. Ernan Haruvy) 514-398-4031
Program Director shoeb.hosain [at] (Mr. Shoeb Hosain) 514-398-4718
Program Administrator monica.toribio [at] (Monica Toribio) 514-398-3474
Master of Management in Retailing (MMR)
MMR Academic Director kunsoo.han [at] (Prof. Kunsoo Han)
MMR Program Director Anwar.White [at] (Prof. Anwar White) 514-398-2735
Program Administrator yulia.nikitina [at] (Yulia Nikitina) 514-398-4130
Law Graduate Program Director darren.rosenblum [at] (Prof. Darren Rosenblum) 514-398-8232
Management Graduate Program Director john-paul.ferguson [at] (Prof. John-Paul Ferguson) 514-398-4645
MBA (Management)
MBA/PMBA Academic Director john-paul.ferguson [at] (Prof. John-Paul Ferguson) 514-398-4645
Assistant Director, MBA Admissions Antoinette.Molino [at] (Antoinette Molino ) 514-398-4066
Program Administrator MBAadvising [at] (Ashley McWhinnie)  
Administrative Coordinator deborah.paterson2 [at] (Deborah Paterson)  
MD/MBA (Medicine and Management)
Graduate Program Director    
PhD (Management)
Graduate Program Director samer.faraj [at] (Prof. Samer Faraj) 514-398-1531
Program Manager Stella.Scalia [at] (Stella Scalia) 514-398-4074
Graduate Student Information phd.mgmt [at] (PhD Management)  

Medicine and Health Sciences

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Graduate Program Director christian.rocheleau [at] (Prof. Christian Rocheleau) 514-934-1934
ext. 76207
Graduate Program Coordinator studentaffairs.acb [at] (Joelle Denomy-Hasilo) 514-398-6357
Graduate Program Director bhushan.nagar [at] (Bhushan Nagar) 514-398-7272
Graduate Program Coordinator christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge ) 514-398-2423
Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Program Director, Thesis Program robert.funnell [at] (Prof. W. Robert J. Funnell) 514-398-6739
Graduate Program Director, Graduate Certificate ahmad.haidar [at] (Prof. Ahmad Haidar) 514-398-4491
Academic Associate, Graduate Certificate jesse.ehrlick [at] (Jesse Ehrlick) 514-444-5300
Student Affairs Officer, Thesis Program Pina.Sorrini [at] (Pina Sorrini) 514-398-2866
Graduate Program Coordinator, Thesis Program info.bme [at] MCGILL.CA (Sabrina Teoli) 514-398-6736
Biomedical Ethics
Graduate Program Director Jennifer.Fishman [at] (Prof. Jennifer Fishman) 514-398-7403
Administrative Coordinator studentadmin.ihsp [at] (Kate Shaw)  
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Student Affairs Administrator andreea.mandache [at] (Andreea Mandache) 514-398-5253
Graduate Program Director elin.thordardottir [at] (Prof. Elin Thordardottir) 514-398-5356
Graduate Secretary scsd [at] (Antoinette Sommer ) 514-398-5221
Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health
Epidemiology Graduate Program Director arijit.nandi [at] (Arijit Nandi) 514-398-7846
Epidemiology PhD Program Director

arijit.nandi [at] (D)sam.harper [at] (r. Sam Harper)


Epidemiology MSc Program Director

laurent.azoulay [at] (Prof. Laurent Azoulay)

ext. 28396

Public Health Graduate Program Director

christine.stich [at] (Dr. Christine Stich)


Biostatistics Graduate Program Director [at] (Dr. Alexandra Schmidt ) 514-398-5625
Occupational Health Graduate Program Director paul.heroux [at] (Prof. Paul Héroux) 514-398-6988
Student Affairs Officer gradadmin.eboh [at] (André-Yves Gagnon) 514-398-1812
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator gradcoord2.eboh [at] (Katherine Hayden) 514-398-6269
Student Affairs Coordinator gradcoord1.eboh [at] (Deirdre Lavery) 514-398-6258
Program Officer (MScPH) progofficermscph.eboh [at] (TBA)  
Practicum Coordinator (MScPH) practicum.eboh [at] (Sarah Cornett) 514-398-2236
Administrative Coordinator (MScPH) mscph.eboh [at] (Stephanie Tave) 514-398-1964
Experimental Medicine
Director/Graduate Program Director anne-marie.lauzon [at] (Dr. Anne-Marie Lauzon) 514-934-1934, ext. 34699 or ext. 34700
Associate Program Director elizabeth.fixman [at] (Dr. Elizabeth Fixman) 514-934-1934, ext. 76242
Student Affairs Officer experimental.medicine [at] (Sandra Morrison) 514-934-1934 ext. 36465
Student Affairs Coordinator experimental.medicine [at] (Marylin Linhares ) 514-934-1934, ext. 34699
Student Affairs Coordinator katrine.couvrette [at] (Katrine Couvrette) 514-934-1934, ext. 34700
Experimental Surgery
Graduate Program Director fackson.mwale [at] (Dr. Fackson Mwale ) 514-340-8222, ext. 2948
Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Sharon Turner) 514-934-1934, ext. 42837
Family Medicine
Graduate Program Director (PhD) tibor.schuster [at] (Dr. Tibor Schuster)  
Graduate Program Director (MSc) isabelle.vedel [at] (Dr. Isabelle Vedel)  
Graduate Program Manager alexandru.foias [at] (Alexandru Foias) 514-399-9103
Graduate Program Coordinator yizhen.wang2 [at] (Elaine Wang) 514-399-9104
Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management (GCHM)
Co-Academic Director leslie.breitner [at] (Leslie Breitner (Faculty of Management)) 514-398-3430
Co-Academic Director adrian.dancea [at] (Adrian Dancea (Faculty of Medicine and Health Science)) 514-412-4400
ext. 2319
Program Manager maureen.cox [at] (Maureen Cox) 514-398-4000
ext. 0525
Human Genetics
Graduate Program Director pmoffatt [at] (Prof. Pierre Moffatt) 514-282-7161
Student Affairs Advisor ross.mackay [at] (Ross MacKay) 514-398-4198
Administrative Assistant kandace.springer [at] MCGILL.CA (Kandace L. Springer) 514-398-3600
Additional Graduate Information dept.humangenetics [at]
Institute of Health Sciences Education (IHSE)
Graduate Program Director peter.nugus [at] (Dr. Peter Nugus) 514-754-0073
Graduate Program Coordinator sherrie.child [at] (Sherrie Child) 514-398-4987
Medical Physics
Director/Graduate Program Director gpd.medphys [at] (Prof. Ives Levesque) 514-934-8052
Assistant/Graduate Secretary margery.knewstubb [at] (Margery Knewstubb ) 514-934-1934,
ext. 44158
Microbiology and Immunology
Graduate Program Director ciro.piccirillo [at] (Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo) 514-934-1934
ext. 76143
Student Affairs Officer undergrad.microimm [at] (Christine DeSantis) 514-398-3915
Student Affairs Coordinator grad.microimm [at] (Nishat Shabnam) 514-398-3061
Associate Director, Education josee.bonneau [at] (Prof. Josée Bonneau) 514-398-4149
Graduate Program Director, Ph.D. Program (interim) sonia.semenic [at] (Dr. Sonia Semenic ) 514-398-1281
Graduate Program Director, MScA Nursing maria.difeo [at] (Prof. Maria Di Feo) 514-398-2831
Graduate Program Director, MScA Advanced Nursing jodi.tuck [at] (Prof. Jodi Tuck) 514-398-1598
Graduate Program Director, all Nurse Practitioner programs irene.sarasua [at] (Prof. Irene Sarasua) 514-398-6945
Associate Graduate Program Director, Research carmen.g.loiselle [at] (Dr. Carmen Loiselle) 514-398-4163
Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator, all Nurse Practitioner programs, PhD graduate2.nursing [at] (Ana Tomaselli) 514-398-4151
Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator, MScA Nursing & MScA Advanced Nursing graduate.nursing [at] (Shanshan Hua) 514-398-4151
Student Affairs Officer student-affairs-officer.nursing [at] (Petra Gaiser) 514-398-4159
Graduate Program Director luke.mccaffrey [at] (Dr. Luke McCaffrey) (514) 398-8987
Student Affairs Officer [at] (Francesco Rizzo) 514-398-8389
Graduate Program Coordinator admin.onc [at] (Elisa Monaco) 514-398-4596
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Graduate Program Director Bernard.Segal [at] (Prof. Bernard Segal ) 514-340-8222,
ext. 25987
Administrative Coordinator/Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Fabio Ciccocioppo) 514-340-1934,
ext. 36386
Graduate Program Director Edith.Zorychta [at] (Prof. Edith Zorychta ) 514-398-7125

Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator

Gradstudies.pathology [at] (Hua Ling)


Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Graduate Program Director terence.hebert [at] (Dr. Terry Hebert ) 514-398-1398
Student Affairs Coordinator gradstudies.pharmacology [at] (Tina Tremblay ) 514-398-3623,
ext. 09919
Physical and Occupational Therapy
Director, Graduate Rehabilitation Programs ISABELLE.GELINAS [at] MCGILL.CA (Dr. Isabelle Gelinas) 514-398-4514
Associate Director, Graduate Rehabilitation Programs anouk.lamontagne [at] (Dr. Anouk Lamontagne) 514-398-4397
Director, Physical Therapy Programs liliane.asseraf.pasin [at] (Dr. Liliane Asseraf-Pasin) 514-398-5594
Associate Director, Physical Therapy Programs richard.preuss [at] (Dr. Richard Preuss ) 514-398-3349
Director, Occupational Therapy Programs sara.saunders [at] (Dr. Sara Saunders) 514-398-4400, ext. 09253
Associate Program Director, Occupational Therapy Programs susanne.mak [at] (Susanne Mak) 514-398-2772
Student Affairs Administrator [at] (Spencer Keys-Schatia) 514-398-4400,
ext. 09664
Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Professional Masters) [at] (Marlene Brettler) 514-398-2784
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Clinical Education) [at] (Nadina Paraschuk) 514-398-1293
Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Rehabilitation) graduate.rehabilitation [at] (Chiara Sabatino) 514-398-2271
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Professional Masters Admissions) [at] (Meliza Coronell) 514-398-5926
Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Certificates) [at] (Tina Portaro) 514-398-4400,
ext. 0432
Graduate Program Director and Posdoctoral Affairs Director john.white [at] (D)Alvin.shrier [at] (r. Alvin Shrier) 514-398-2272
Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator gradstudies.physiology [at] (Jennifer Rondeau)  
Program Director, Post-Graduate Medical Education joseph.rochford [at] (D)leon.tourian [at] (r. Leon Tourian) 514-398-7294
Senior Administrative Coordinator admcoord.psychiatry [at] (Kazué Narita) 514-398-7293
Graduate Program Director naguib.mechawar [at] (Dr. Naguib Mechawar) 514-398-5804
Graduate Program Coordinator (Acting) graduate.psychiatry [at] (Cindy Lui) 514-398-4176
Social Studies of Medicine
Graduate Program Director TBA  
Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator studentadmin.ihsp [at] (Kate Shaw)  

Schulich School of Music

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies in Music [at] (Prof. Steven Huebner) 514-398-4535,
ext. 0542
D.Mus. Performance Studies Coordinator simon.aldrich [at] (Prof. Simon Aldrich)  
Manager of Student Services Nancy.Czemmel2 [at] (Nancy Czemmel) 514 398-4400,
ext. 00304
Sr. Admin. and Student Affairs Coordinator Helene.Drouin [at] (Helene Drouin) 514-398-4469
Admissions, Graduate Service Representative [at] (TBA) 514-398-4535,
ext. 089724
Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Michel Cayer) 514-398-6601


Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Graduate Program Director andreas.zuend [at] (Prof. Andreas Zuend)  
Graduate Program Coordinator graduateinfo.aos [at] (Manuela Franzo-Whitnell)  
Graduate Program Director tamara.western [at] (Tamara Western) 514-398-6283
Vice Graduate Program Director fiona.soper [at] (Fiona Soper)  
Graduate Studies and Admissions Coordinator Ancil.Gittens [at] (Ancil Gittens ) 514-398-5478
Graduate Program Director nicolas.moitessier [at] (Dr. Nicolas Moitessier) 514-398-8543
Graduate Program Administrator graduateadmin.chemistry [at] (Chantal Marotte) 514-398-6941
Student Affairs Coordinator graduateadmin.chemistry [at] (Lina Alvarez) (on leave) 514-398-6938
Student Affairs Coordinator graduateadmin.chemistry [at] (Chelsea Briand-Pitts) (interim) 514-398-6938
Computer Science
MSc Graduate Program Director paul.kry+GPD [at] (Prof. Paul Kry) 514-398-2577
PhD Graduate Program Director

luc.devroye [at] (Prof. Luc Devroye)

Graduate Program Coordinator grad.cs [at] (Ms. Ann Jack) 514-398-7071,
ext. 00074
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Graduate Program Director eric.galbraith [at] (Prof. Eric Galbraith) 514-398-3677
Student Affairs Coordinator kristy.thornton [at] (Kristy Thornton) 514-398-6767
Graduate Program Director gpd.geog [at] (Prof. Bernhard Lehner)  
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.geog [at] (Julie Charbonneau)  
Mathematics and Statistics
Graduate Program Director jerome.vetois [at] (Prof. Jérôme Vétois) 514-398-3829
Graduate Program Coordinator grad.mathstat [at] (Jason Stillman) 514-398-4400,
ext. 0503
Associate Graduate Program Coordinator (Admissions) mikael.pichot [at] (Mikael Pichot) 514-398-4400
Associate Graduate Program Coordinator (Admissions) abbas.khalili [at] (Abbas Khalili) 514-398-4000
Graduate Program Director nikolaos.provatas [at] (Prof. Nikolaos Provatas) 514-398-4479
Graduate Program Coordinator graduate.physics [at] (Lauren Kay) 514-398-6485
Graduate Program Director barbel.knauper [at] (Bärbel Knäuper) 514-398-8186
Graduate Program Administrator psychology.grad [at] (Chantale Bousquet) 514-398-6127
Graduate Program Coordinator psychology.grad [at] (Nina Pinzarrone)  

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