QLS (Quantitative Life Sciences); SQV (Sciences quantitatives du vivant)


Welcome to the PhD Program in Quantitative Life Sciences - an interfaculty, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary graduate program.  Our PhD students will address the most important and challenging problems in life sciences fields such as biology, medicine, and the environment, and help solve them by building and implementing the latest mathematical, statistical, computational and/or quantitative approaches.  This program brings together students and researchers across all scientific disciplines and university faculties.

QLS was proud to celebrate the graduation of Lamin Juwara, Sara Zapata-Marin and Tianyuan Lu at the Fall 2022 McGill Convocation!
(L to R: Lamin, QLS Director Celia Greenwood, Sara, Prof. Alex Schmidt).

Congratulations to Tianyuan Lu, Sara Zapata-Marin and Lamin Juwara on their successful oral defenses!

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Seminar Series in QLS and Medicine 

QLS has over 85 affiliated researchers

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