McGill initiative in Computational Medicine (MiCM)

To respond to the opportunity of a better use of data and computational methods in Medicine, we have launched a new structuring project within the University: the McGill initiative in Computational Medicine.

Data for Better Health

Our objective is to transform life science research and health care delivery by better incorporating the use rich datasets and advanced computational methods.

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The Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM), the Quantitative Life Sciences PhD program (QLS), the Ludmer Center and the McGill Initiative in Computational Medicine (MiCM) are joining efforts to offer weekly interdisciplinary seminars in Quantitative Life Sciences and Medicine.

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Courses and Workshops

Remember to visit our website to learn more about our upcoming workshops and courses

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HBHL 3-Day Workshop:

QLS Seminar Series

Our Programs

Job Opportunities

Training and Workshops

The workshop series offer a variety of topics on visualization, analysis and computational tools. We have also joined efforts with QLS to offer weekly interdisciplinary seminars. 

Comp. Medicine Courses

The Initiative has created a list of courses and educational resources offered at McGill University related to computational medicine. 

MiCM Researchers

Connecting diverse communities at McGill to empower the use of Big Data in health research and health care delivery.

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