McGill initiative in Computational Medicine (MiCM)

To respond to the opportunity of a better use of data and computational methods in Medicine, we have launched a new structuring project within the University: the McGill initiative in Computational Medicine.

Data for Better Health

Our objective is to transform life science research and health care delivery by better incorporating the use rich datasets and advanced computational methods.

HBHL 3-Day Workshop:


In case you missed it this year's Symposium, you can watch it on YouTube [Watch NOW].


Are you a McGill Researcher who expressed an interest in joining MiCM? This is how you can participate. On behalf of Drs. Guillaume Bourque and David Buckeridge, co-lead of the MiCM, we invite Researchers who have expressed an interest in joining MiCM to do so by adding their information on UNIWeb Learn more.

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