About the MiCM

Data collection in the life sciences, including biomedical research in the laboratory and healthcare in the clinic, is taking place at an unprecedented scale. To respond to the opportunity of a better use of data and computational methods in Medicine, we created a new Initiative within the Faculty of Medicine: the McGill initiative in Computational Medicine (MiCM).

Our mission

The main objective of MiCM will be to create novel interdisciplinary research interfaces and carry out innovative research programs in all aspects of Computational Medicine and the use of data in health research and healthcare delivery. 

The MiCM will integrate patient based datasets acquired in the clinical setting with fundamental research results in fields such as genomics, imaging and other areas of high throughput biology, and this using novel computational tools, methods and unique interdisciplinary grouping. It will also coordinate the deployment of large computational resources that are needed for high-throughput biology and modern Medicine.


Our Achievements


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