MiCM Research Match 

To realize the potential of Computational Medicine at McGill, there is a need to better connect researchers in life sciences and clinical domains with colleagues from data sciences (e.g., statistics, bioinformatics, medical informatics, computer science, epidemiology). The former has interesting datasets and questions, while the latter can apply or develop quantitative methods to look for solutions to these questions. However, biologists and clinician researchers don’t necessarily know where to find people with the right quantitative skills and who would like to collaborate and, conversely, data scientists don’t necessarily know who has interesting questions that they could help with.

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MiCM Summer Scholars 

The Summer Scholars program was developed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to learn about computational medicine through research projects. Scholars will work with academic researchers within the McGill community on a project for a period of 12 or 16 weeks in the summer months. To enhance the Summer Scholars’ experience, a number of workshops will be designed to expose students to a variety of applications and computational tools. At the end of the program, Summer Scholars will present their research projects to faculty members, peers, staff and the McGill community.

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