MiCM ResearchMatch 3.0

Because of COVID-19 and the limited access to university facilities, we are excited to launch a new iteration of ResearchMatch to help connect PIs and graduate students and initiate new data science collaborations over the summer. To realize the potential of Computational Medicine at McGill, there is a need to better connect researchers and graduate students in life sciences and clinical domains with colleagues from data sciences (e.g., statistics, bioinformatics, medical informatics, computer science, epidemiology). The former has interesting datasets and questions, while the latter can apply or develop quantitative methods to look for solutions to these questions. However, biologists, clinician researchers and trainees don’t necessarily know where to find people with the right quantitative skills and who would like to collaborate and, conversely, data scientists don’t necessarily know who has interesting questions that they could help with.

Steps of the ResearchMatch Program
To facilitate this type of matchmaking, the MiCM ResearchMatch Program will be accomplished through the following three steps:

Step 1: The McGill life science and clinical research communities, including principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, graduate students, will be consulted to ask for initial project submissions.

Step 2: The McGill data science community, including principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, graduate students, will be asked to look through the list of projects via the MiCM ResearchMatch Portal, contact project leads and, if there is a shared interest, work as a team on the proposed project to make sense of the data. Click here to view the list of initial project abstract submissions.

Step 3: Joint project work will be presented at the MiCM ResearchMatch Symposium and top 3 projects will be selected for cash prizes.

Key dates

· Call for initial project submission: June 18, 2020

· Date to submit initial project submission: July 3, 2020

· Date to register project proposals: 

· Projects should be completed by end-August 2020

· Symposium Day: TBD (late August/early September)


· The researchers, graduate students and recent graduates submitting the application can be from the McGill community, spanning the downtown campus, Macdonald campus, the McGill academic hospitals and their affiliated research institutes.

· Undergraduate students working with McGill faculty members during the summer.

· At least one of the collaborators must be affiliated with McGill. The second collaborator could be from other universities, institutions or organization.

· The biological or clinical researcher, graduate student and the data scientist should not haven’t worked together before. This should be a new collaboration.

Project Creation Form

Fill out the following information in the ResearchMatch portal to Create a Project:

· Project title
· Preferred project start date
· MiCM Axis
· High level abstract
· Project description (0.5-1 page)
· Description of datasets to be used (collaborations for study design are also encouraged)
· Explain why you see this as a collaborative research project and what you hope to gain from the collaboration. Highlight any potential of the proposed work to progress to other funding competition.Description of datasets to be used or generated
· Relevant to the following organization/initiatives (Select all that apply)
· Expected project timeframe (Note: This is not applicable in this iteration of the program. Please select either option as it will not play a role in this summer iteration.)
· Can students apply for this project? (Y/N)
· Selected tags

Once a project has been submitted, the application will be visible to all. The projects can be sorted and easily searchable. 

Next step: once the projects are listed on the portal a match needs to be made. Principles investigators as well as graduate students can apply to listed projects.

Once a match has been made the second phase of the project is to work and make sense of the data.

***Please ignore the Application interface on the ResearchMatch portal. This is intended for our Summer Scholars program and it is not applicable in this iteration of ResearchMatch.

Cash Prizes

1st prize - $2000

2nd prize - $1000

3rd prize - $500

When do I apply?

Initial project submissions will be accepted starting June 18, 2020.

Where do I apply?

Projects can be created in the ResearchMatch Portal: https://micm.genap.ca/

Click here to view the list of initial project abstract submissions.


Found a Match? Let us know by filling out the File project registration form


For any inquiries and/or assistance, please contact info-micm [at] mcgill.ca

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