Congratulations to our very own Dr. James MacDougall, who has been named Honorary President of the Canadian Psychological Association!

Dr. MacDougall is recognized as one of Canada's leading researchers on the psychology of deafness, and highly valued as a committed advocate for the needs and rights of Canadians with disabilities. 

Congrats to postdoc Neil Hester and Dr. Eric Hehman on their publication in Group Processes & Intergroup Relations:

The article, Stereotypes shape response competition when forming impressions, shows that top-down perceiver knowledge of cultural stereotypes interacts with bottom-up target facial features to influence impression formation.

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Our department clinic has launched the Ukrainian Aid Initiative to provide therapy services for Ukrainian refugees

Volunteer mental health professionals have just completed a comprehensive training program to provide culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, evidence-based therapy services. Individual, family, and group therapies are now underway, and support and activity groups are soon to come!   

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Congrats to PhD student Alexandra Barnabe and Dr. Karim Nader on their publication:
A Novel Stress-Based Intervention Reduces Cigarette Use in Non-Treatment Seeking Smokers

Findings suggest that stress could be integrated into a novel strategy to decrease cigarette use. 

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Congrats to Drs. Jennifer Bartz and Jonas Nitschke on their publication:
Stress and Stress-Induced Glucocorticoids Facilitate Empathic Accuracy in Men but Have No Effects in Women

This work demonstrated that stress can play an important role in cognitive empathy. 

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Congrats to
Dr. Caroline Palmer on receiving a Senior Mentorship Award!

This award recognizes members of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) who have shown excellence in guiding mentees both intellectually and professionally. Congratulations, Caroline! 


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