IT Services for the Faculty of Science

We are committed to exploring innovative technologies to support scientific discovery and research computing and applying these latest innovative technologies to push the boundaries of IT and Science.

In addition, we also support and help manage the maintenance of teaching labs and teaching spaces across the Faculty of Science.

To request support, send an email to: [at]

Research Support

Our services are split between basic (no charge) and fee-based support:

  • Advisory role in grant applications and department proposals related to any new IT setup/solution and equipment
  • Explore and advise on new technologies to support scientific research
  • General IT consulting offering solutions that fit specific research needs and budget
  • Equipment procurement and set-up assistance¬†
  • General desktop and laptop support to professors, lecturers, and graduate students on equipment purchased with McGill research funds that require less than 15 min to solve
  • Standard software installation and support
  • User management for dedicated research environments
  • Hardware warranty claims
  • General server setup and maintenance that we hope to include in grant applications (flat rate)
  • Complex deployments of research computing infrastructure (hourly rate)
  • Maintenance of dedicated research labs and underlying server infrastructure (flat rate)
  • Re-installation of an existing service from scratch due to either hardware failure or compromised hardware (flat rate)
  • Operational user support of dedicated research environments based on a block of pre-defined hours
  • Dedicated IT troubleshooting involving complex issues that might arise (hourly rate)
  • Front-end storage options and data backup solutions
  • Development of tools and web applications (hourly rate)
  • Cloud provisioning and migration services
  • Hardware break and fix on systems no longer under warranty

Teaching Support

Our services include:

  • Management/maintenance of teaching labs, including installation and deployment of systems
  • General desktop (and teaching laptop) troubleshooting and support for teaching purposes
  • Specialized software installation, troubleshooting, and support
  • Support and maintenance of any underlying server infrastructure for teaching (file, www, print, etc.)
  • Hardware break and fix, and warranty claims

Our Team

We are a dedicated and driven team of IT professionals with a rich skill set ranging from end-user computing to server configuration in the latest technologies. Most of our team members have been working on the front lines at McGill for decades supporting various departments and units across the Faculty of Science.

We have successfully served as IT facilitators helping academics, staff and students achieve their academic pursuits and research goals. As a result, we have hands-on working experience supporting various departments across the Faculty of Science.

Our Goal

We aim to provide the best possible computing environment to our community by pooling resources, ensuring that we build robust and redundant systems that are agile, flexible, and scalable into the future, keeping in mind the specific needs and computing requirements of each department and their various researchers.

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