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Dean of Science bruce.lennox [at] (Bruce Lennox) 4211 Angela Mansi
Associate Dean (Academic) axel.hundemer [at] (Axel Hundemer) (replacing Tamara Western — on leave) 6983 Lina Alvarez
Associate Dean (Graduate Education) laura.nilson [at] (Laura Nilson) 6448 Lina Alvarez
Associate Dean (Research) TBC TBC TBC
Director, Advising Services See below    
Director of Administration maria.babiak [at] (Maria Babiak) 6572  
Associate Director, Infrastructure marilena.cafaro [at] (Marilena Cafaro) 438-998-2339  
Immigration Advisor myriam.larose [at] (Myriam Larose ) 1978  
Program Director (McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative) heather.mcshane [at] (Heather McShane) 6522  
Assistant to the Dean of Science (Academic) josie.damico [at] (Josie D'Amico) 4215 Lina Alvarez
Academic Affairs Administrator [at] (Angela Mansi) 4211  
Academic Associate (Research & Grants Facilitator) eduardo.ganemcuenca [at] (Eduardo Ganem Cuenca) 7431  
Communications Specialist fergus.grieve [at] (Fergus Grieve) TBC  
Undergraduate Research Officer victor.chisholm [at] (Victor Chisholm) 5964  
Internship & Field Studies Officer [at] (Martine Dolmière) 1063  
Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator (Internship & Field Studies Office) [at] (Rafael Frota) 8365  
Administrative Coordinator lina.alvarez [at] (Lina Alvarez) 7179  
Project Administrator, Building Infrastructure [at] (Elysha Burgess) 5084  
ADVISING SERVICES Name & email Telephone
Contact person
Director, Advising Services [at] (Nicole Allard) 4207 Jane Hawes
Chief Academic Adviser pete.barry [at] (Peter Barry) 3202 Mary Gauthier
Academic Adviser vanessa.hansen [at] (Vanessa Hansen) 5442  
Academic Adviser paul.olioff [at] (Paul Olioff) 5442  
Academic Adviser curtis.sharman [at] (Curtis Sharman) 5442  
Interdisciplinary Programs Adviser ryan.bouma [at] (Ryan Bouma) 5442  
Student Advising Administrator tania.raggo [at] (Tania Raggo) 2917  
Assistant to the Director; Student Adviser jane.hawes [at] (Jane Hawes) 4207  
Assistant to the Chief Academic Adviser; Student Adviser mary.gauthier [at] (Mary Gauthier) 1368  
Student Affairs Coordinator izabela.bryniarska [at] (Izabela Bryniarska) 5442  
FINANCIAL AFFAIRS Name & email Telephone
Contact person
Senior Financial Officer julie.theriault3 [at] (Julie Theriault) 5313  
Supervisor, Research Administration, FST's mavis.smith [at] (Mavis Smith) 6220  
Financial Officer (Budget and Analysis) ming.han [at] (Grace (Ming) Han) TBC  
FST Pod 1: supporting Biology, Physics, and Redpath Museum
FST Manager sciencefinancepod1 [at] (Carol Gaug) TBC  
FST Manager sciencefinancepod1 [at] (Sonia Vieira) TBC  
Accounts Administrator sciencefinancepod1 [at] (Assunta Tatta) TBC  
FST Pod 2:
  sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Filomena Fata) TBC  
  sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Jiyun Cho) TBC  
  sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Marisa Mastroberardino) TBC  
  sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Karen Toroyan) TBC  
  sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Diane McLellan) TBC  
  sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Vasiliki Tsagarelis) TBC  
ADVANCEMENT Name & email Telephone
Contact person
Director of Development robert.s.davis [at] (Robert Davis) 3128 Theresa Chang-Sang
Associate Director, Bequests and Planned Gifts donna.henchey [at] (Donna Henchey) 3559  
Associate Director of Development kristen.mcgraw [at] (Kristen McGraw) 3238  
Development Officer lauren.donnelly [at] (Lauren Donnelly) 2114  
Advancement Officer [at] (Jennifer Abbott) 4787  
Administrative Coordinator theresa.chang-sang [at] (Theresa Chang-Sang) 3860  
Contact person
Senior Human Resources Advisor konstantina.kafantaris [at] (Tina Kafantaris) 5930  
Human Resources Advisor rachel.schafts [at] (Rachel Schafts) 5930  
Human Resources Administrator lisa.maggio [at] (Lisa Maggio) 5930  

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