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Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA)

Dawson Hall, room 405
McGill University
853 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A 0G5

Telephone: 514-398-5442
Email: [at] (New students) | [at] (Other inquiries)

R. Bruce Lennox, Dean of Science

For appointments, please contact:
Demi Mintzas (Absent), Francesca Alonso, Assistant to the Dean of Science [at]

David Stephens, Vice-Dean of Science

Angela Mansi, Academic Affairs Administrator [at]

Shideh Heravi, Academic Affairs Administrator
shideh.ahmadzadehheravi [at]

Josie D'Amico, Assistant to the Dean (Academic) 
Melanie Xu, Administrative Coordinator [at]



Maria Babiak, Director of Administration and Operations
Yasmine Nouhi, Senior Advisor, Operations and Priorities

Human Resources

Tina Kafantaris, Associate Director Human Resources
Anna Coscia, HR Advisor
Kelly Kapou, HR Advisor
Lisa Maggio, HR Administrator
William Hughes, HR Administrator
Sabrina Fernandez Vazquez, Talent Acquisition Advisor


Myriam Audrey Larose, Immigration Advisor

IT Services

Roustam Tchanychev, IT Operations Manager

TBD, Associate Director of IT


Julie Thériault (on leave), Associate Director Finance
Catherine Essar, Financial Officer
Nancy Secondo, Financial Officer (Research Funds)

Anita Recchilungo, Financial Administrator

FST Pod 1 (Biology, Physics & Redpath Museum)
scipod1.managers [at]
Carol Gaug (on Temp Assignment), Lana Rytova, Diane McLellan, Sonia Vieira

FST Pod 2 (Computer Science, Math, Geography, EPS & AOS)
scipod2.managers [at]
Filomena Fata (on leave), Sonal Patel, Orinta Liatukiene, Sarah Taylor, Vasiliki Tsagarelis

FST Pod 3 (Chemistry & Psychology)
scipod3.managers [at]
Juan Li (on leave), Jennifer Marleau (on leave), Edith Salifou

Buildings and Infrastructure

Marilena Cafaro, Associate Director, Building Infrastructure
Andrew Gangai, Research Infrastructure Officer
stephanie.marshall2 [at] (Stephanie Marshall), Project Administrator


grace.kiser [at] (Grace Kiser), Communications Officer
Christine Pallon, Communications Associate  

Axel Hundemer, Associate Dean (Academic)
Anthony Mittermaier, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)

Office of Science Education

Marcy Slapcoff, Director, Office of Science Education

Undergraduate Student Advising

Anthony Mittermaier, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
lindsay.wilmot [at] (Lindsay Wilmot), Associate Director Student Affairs
Peter Barry, Chief Academic Advisor
vanessa.hansen [at] (Vanessa Hansen), B.Sc. Degree Advisor
paul.olioff [at] (Paul Olioff), B.Sc. Degree Advisor
olivia.sanalitro [at] (Olivia Sanalitro), B.Sc. Degree Advisor
tania.raggo [at] (Tania Raggo), B.A. & Sc. Degree
curtis.sharman [at] (Curtis Sharman), Neuroscience Program Advisor
liana.hall [at] (Liana Hall), Cognitive Science Program Advisor
Jane Hawes, Assistant to the Associate Dean and Student Advisor
Mary Gauthier, Student Advisor
Victor Chisholm, Student Affairs Administrator
marina.saunders [at] (Marina Saunders), Student Affairs Administrator
Joan Kaylor, Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator
tatiana.wong [at] (Tatiana Wong), Student Affairs Administrator
diana.loc [at] (Diana Loc), Student Affairs Coordinator

fanny.gutierrez-meyers [at] (Fanny Gutiérrez-Meyers), Local Wellness Advisor for Science

nadine.lessard [at] (Nadine Lessard), Engagement Officer


Field Studies and Internship 

Myriam Thériault, Field Studies and Internship Officer
Lisa Welch, Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Interim)
Elisa David (Absent, on Developmental Assignment), Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator

Laura Nilson, Associate Dean (Graduate Education)

rebecca.maymon [at] (Rebecca Maymon), Academic Associate

General inquiries [at]

Graduate program advisors

John Stix, Associate Dean (Research)

Kerstin Tiedemann, Research and Grants Officer

Sam Darling, Research and Grants Officer

Evan Henry, Associate Director, Strategic and Development, MSSI

Larissa Jarvis, Research Assistant

TBD, Communications Officer

TBD, Administrative Assistant

Jacky Farrell, Outreach Program Advisor
Megan Phillips, Communications

Robert Davis, Senior Director of Development

Lilianne Saliba, Senior Development Officer
Cynthia Jollymore, Development Officer
Jennifer Abbott, Advancement Officer
Theresa Chang-Sang, Administrative Coordinator

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