Setting up a cyclist count. Photo: Owen Egan

Setting up a cyclist count on a Montreal bike path

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MSSI facilitates sustainability research at McGill

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The 2022 Ideas Fund competition is now open

Sustainability Research at McGill


With the launch of the 6th annual Ideas Fund competition, we take a look back at previously funded projects.

From plastic alternatives to carbon sequestering fungi, discover some of the bold ideas McGill researchers are exploring to tackle sustainability-related challenges.

MSSI Research in the News

Sewer drain cover

Prof. Nathalie Tufenkji and Postdoctoral Fellow Mathieu Lapointe have published a call-to-action in Nature Sustainability for better monitoring and treatment of urban runoff. This MSSI-supported work was also featured in La Presse newspaper.

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A cyclist and an elderly woman on a motorized scooter share a city bike path.

Recipients have been announced for the MSSI's 2022 Social Science and Humanities Ideas Fund award. A total of $40,000 will support four projects led by McGill faculty members who are investigating heat resilience, sustainable investing, urban accessibility, and conservation policies.

An interdisciplinary network of sustainability researchers at McGill

Founded in 2016, the MSSI is a cross-disciplinary network of sustainability researchers that generates relevant and impactful research for solving sustainability problems at a global level, supports sustainability research at McGill, and prepares the next generation of researchers in interdisciplinary, sustainability focused research methods.

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