About us

The Faculty of Science at McGill University aims to be a leader in finding solutions critical to economic and human development, including key questions in the environmental sciences, new materials, and new technologies.

To help us achieve these goals, the Faculty has recruited the best scientific minds of this generation and is committed to ensuring that our undergraduate and graduate students receive an education that prepares them for a lifetime of accomplishment. Not only will these new recruits perform key research work, they will also take on an equally important task: teaching the scientists and leaders of tomorrow. Over the next decade, many of these dynamic young academics will become world leaders in their disciplines. The process has already begun in fields as diverse as neuroscience, astrophysics, green chemistry, and earth system science.

Moreover, the Faculty is transforming the way science is taught, with an increased emphasis on student-professor interaction and outreach. This approach emphasizes hands-on research at the undergraduate level and a more personal, one-on-one style between professors and students that traditionally did not begin until the graduate level. The Faculty counts undergraduate students as one of its key strengths. The calibre of McGill’s undergraduates is very high—they boast the highest average entrance grades in Canada—and the Faculty understands that these brilliant young minds are the key to its future.

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