Undergraduate Studies in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. As a social science, psychology studies humans in interaction with other members of the same species. As a biological science, it regards human beings as the product of evolution and emphasizes the biological perspective, comparing and contrasting human behavior with that of other species.

The Department offers degree programs in the Faculty of Arts (B.A. Programs), Faculty of Science (B. Sc. Programs), and Faculty of Arts and Science (B.A. & B. Sc. Programs). 


McGill Psychology Student Association (MPSA)

The McGill Psychology Students' Association is an undergraduate association under both the Arts Undergraduate Society and the Science Undergraduate Society. The MPSA organizes academic events, lecture series, publishes an undergraduate research journal, provides note-taking services, and hosts a number of social events throughout the year for psychology students. Check out MPSA's website for the current schedule of events and/or to view available volunteer and research positions.



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