Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A. & B.Sc.)

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The B.A. & Sc. is an interdisciplinary degree intended for students who want to simultaneously pursue a program offered by Arts and one offered by Science.  The B.A. & Sc. is intended for students with well-defined interdisciplinary interests, and is not meant as a "compromise" between a B.A. and a B.Sc. degree.  If you are more interested in Arts, but would like to study some Science, you can do so within the B.A. degree. Similarly, if you are more interested in Science, but would like to study some Arts, you can do so within the B.Sc. degree. For more information on the Bachelor of Arts and Science program click here.


Recommended Background

Students entering the Bachelor of Arts and Science programs (Major, Honors, and Faculty Program) in Psychology are expected to have completed the following courses:

Introduction to Psychology PSYC 100 - Introduction to Psychology

Introductory Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

General Psychology


BIOL 111 - Principles:Organismal Biology  or  BIOL 112 - Cell and Molecular Biology

General Biology 1 or 2

Students who have not completed the recommended background will be required to register for these courses during the first year at McGill. In this case, the background courses will be taken as co-requisites, along with all other U1 requirements. Students will receive elective credit for any pre-requisite courses which must be completed at McGill.

Please note that the Psychology major fulfills the Science component of the BASc degree.


Required Courses

Advising note for PSYC 204 - Intro to Psychological Stats : Students who have completed in CEGEP either Mathematics 201-307 or 201-337 or equivalent, or the combination of Quantitative Methods 360-300 with Mathematics 201-300, and who obtained a minimum grade of 75%, are exempt from the U1 required course PSYC 204.

Bachelor of Arts and Science students exempt from PSYC 204 replace this course with 3 credits at the 300 level or above in Psychology (PSYC).


SOUSA (Science Office for Undergraduate Students Advising)

SOUSA provides Science students with general academic information and advice about issues such as faculty and degree requirements, registration issues, inter-faculty transfer, study away, academic standing, and graduation. In addition to advising students about such issues, either by appointment or on a daily drop-in basis, SOUSA Faculty advisers offer a number of information sessions every term, such as degree planning workshops, study away workshops, and freshman information sessions.


Electives taken outside of Faculty of Arts/Faculty of Science

Selected courses in other faculties (e.g., Management, Education, Engineering, etc.) may also be chosen if they are consistent with the regulations of the student's home faculty (either Arts or Science). For further information, and to ensure that you will receive credit for an elective course taken outside the faculties of Arts and Science, please consult the Student Affairs Office and select the link for your faculty (Arts or Science).


Grade Requirements

Students must obtain a minimum grade of C in all courses required by their program.

Honours students are expected to obtain a minimum grade of B in their Honours courses.

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