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The Department of Psychology at McGill University is amongst the oldest in Canada. The first psychology course was taught at McGill in 1850 by Dr. W. T. Leach, and the first psychological laboratory was established in 1910 by Dr. William Dunlop Tait. The Department was officially founded in 1922. Distinguished faculty members of our department have included Drs. Dalbir Bindra, Al Bregman, Virginia Douglas, George Ferguson, Donald O. Hebb, Wally Lambert, John Macnamara, Tony Marley, Ronald Melzack, Brenda Milner, Peter Milner, and James Olds.

The Department of Psychology at McGill University has for decades been one of the world’s leading psychology departments. This continues to be the case, as our department consistently ranks very high among world's psychology departments (QS Rankings). Within the Faculty of Science, we provide a high quality education  to a very large undergraduate student body; our Honours program is exceptionally research intensive and has produced many outstanding graduates. The graduate program includes Clinical and Experimental tracks with about 100 students.

In a highly collegial atmosphere, bolstered by a dedicated support staff, the students and faculty are involved in cutting-edge research in the laboratory and in field settings both local and global. Our international reputation for teaching and research attracts the best and the brightest students and faculty from around the world.



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