Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Major Psychology program in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science?

All Psychology students take courses from the same list. The main difference is that the Psychology Major in Science has more credits than the Psychology Major in Arts. However, students in Arts who would like to take more Psychology courses have the option of completing the Minor in Behavioural Science, which consists of additional Psychology courses. This Minor is only offered to Psychology Majors in Arts. These two programs (Arts Psychology Major and Minor in Behavioural Science) together make up the same amount of credits as the Psychology Major in Science. Please note that you can pursue psychology with either degree.

For information about the differences in program requirements, see Programs of study descriptions.

For more information about the differences between the Faculty requirements, please see OASIS (for Arts) and SOUSA (for Science) websites.

Why can I not register for a Psychology course when space appears available?

Psychology courses have reserved seating. Thus, if seats appear available but you are unable to register, it means that the seats reserved for students in your category are currently full.

As a transfer student, can my psychology courses taken at another university count toward my Psychology program?

Courses taken at another university are evaluated only after admission to McGill.



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