Russian Studies

Why Russian Studies?

In addition to offering the only full undergraduate and graduate programs (including MA and PhD) in Quebec, The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Russian and Slavic Studies continues to attract one of the largest student enrollments in North America. We are proud to have approximately twenty-five students graduate each year in the undergraduate programs, many of whom have received credit for courses taken in Russia during their programs. Due to expanding global links - both business and institutional - many opportunities are open to students with qualifications in Russian studies. Students may be interested in the organization of human society, comparative literature, linguistics -- Russian studies are highly relevant to all of these.

Top Ten Reasons to Study Russian at McGill University

  1. Millions of people speak Russian, so you'll be in good company.
  2. Your professors will know your name.
  3. You can impress people with your knowledge of Anna Karamazova and Ivan Karenin.
  4. Because Baba Yaga is fearsome, Ivan the Fool is really clever, and Koshchey the Deathless is not quite immortal.
  5. We've got Pushkin.  Period.
  6. What other country can boast that one of its most famous composers gets his name from "trash heap"?
  7. Too many great Soviet filmmakers to count.
  8. One can never have too many excuses to eat borscht.
  9. We had the Revolution.
  10. What other language can open doors to one of the world's greatest literary traditions, business opportunities in one of the most geopolitically significant regions, some of the greatest artists, playwrights, composers, and film makers of the 19th and 20th century, and, of course, Pussy Riot?
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