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The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers graduate degree programs in German, Hispanic, Italian, and Russian studies.We are committed to international standards of excellence in graduate student training, and our graduate programs offer a vibrant research environment, combining the rigor of traditional philological inquiry with a range of other theoretical and methodological approaches, many of them informed and/or creatively challenged by broader transnational and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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Excellence in Language Teaching in LLC

The primary objective of the LTC is to promote the importance of language education at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures and to advocate for the advancement of foreign language teaching and learning at McGill University, by providing excellent training of its graduate Course Lecturers in current language pedagogies and teaching methods. The LTC ensures that regular training of new and returning graduate students is conducted in accordance with the general mission of McGill University Teaching and Learning Services (TLS). The LTC’s goal is to make McGill University a community of people who love to teach and are excited to learn by creating an engaging environment and providing leadership and support for meaningful educational experiences for all.

In keeping with its mission, the LTC organizes a series of events on an annual basis, such as The Graduate Student Orientation (end of August), The Brown Bag(October/November), and an Annual Workshop (February) , as well as ad hoc events, designed to address various aspects of language pedagogy. All graduate students are invited to join and will receive an email invitation to each event. You will also find all activities announced in the Department Events section.

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The LTC members: Alejandra Barriales-Bouche, Lucia Chamanadjian, Cristiana Furlan, Anny Guimont, Maria Ivanova (LTC Chair), Zora Kadyrbekova, Sun-Young Kim, Maria Teresa Mascaro, Maria Morrison, and Anna Maria Tumino.

German Graduate Studies

The graduate program in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - German Studies combines the rigor of traditional philological inquiry into the history of German literature with a broader cultural studies approach that attends to the historical and mediological aspects of German intellectual history. Particular emphasis is placed on the way media technologies – film, photography, the physical form of the book – influence, interact with, and inflect this textual tradition. In bringing together research on both the semiotic and material aspects of literary and intellectual history, the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - German Studies encourages students to engage with a range of theoretical and methodological approaches on their way to formulating their own coherent interdisciplinary programs of research.

Learn more about German graduate studies.

Hispanic Graduate Studies

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers a flexible programme in Hispanic Studies leading to the degree of Master of Arts. Candidates will receive in the classroom preparation in the culture, intellectual history and literature of Spain and Spanish America, including two guided research projects. For those students holding a B.A. Honours in Hispanic Studies or an M.A. from McGill or another college or university of recognized standing, the Department offers the possibility of doctoral studies leading to the Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies.

Learn more about Hispanic graduate studies.

Italian Graduate Studies

The Department of Italian provides two streams in its Master's program, the thesis option, and the non-thesis option. The course work, the thesis and/or research papers must demonstrate that the student possesses a sound knowledge of the language, is familiar with all periods of Italian literature and has developed the background and skills necessary to carry out scholarly research.

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Russian Graduate Studies

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Russian and Slavic Studies offers graduate instruction at both the MA and PhD levels. Our faculty specialize in 19th and 20th century Russian literature and culture, working in such areas as the Russian Novel, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Russian Modernism, Russian Romanticism, High Stalinist Culture, Post-Soviet culture, cultural mythology, intertextuality, and women's studies. We offer a broad and flexible range of graduate seminars and our small but dynamic program allows for a great deal of personal attention, an atmosphere of collegiality, and a close-knit intellectual community.

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Digital Humanities

What is Digital Humanities? 

Digital Humanities (DH) is a rapidly growing field that capitalizes on advances in computation and digital technology to bring new perspectives to humanistic topics. Digital Humanities brings wide-ranging fields of inquiry together under a broad methodological domain for the digital study of cultural phenomena and promotes critical reflection on the effects that computational methods have on scholarship. As society’s relationship with the digital landscape continues to evolve, DH researchers at McGill are pioneering methodologies, developing digital tools, and setting the pace for DH scholarship.

Learn about the Digital Humanities program.

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