Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers undergraduate degree programs in German, Hispanic, Italian, and Russian studies. In addition, we offer a minor concentration in European Literature & Culture and seek to broaden students’ liberal arts background. Our goal is to enable our undergraduates to develop communicative skills in at least one target language and to provide critical tools to understand the complexities of other cultural traditions. The skills acquired are invaluable for careers in business, in government, in the media, as well as in cultural and literary fields, and numerous other professions.

German Undergraduate Programs

German Studies immerses students both in the rich literary traditions of German-language literature and in the innovative directions of transdisciplinary research. With its multiple major, minor, honors and joint honors programs, German Studies accommodates a broad range of student interests from 18th-century Enlightenment to questions of migration and multiculturalism in contemporary German culture. While students will be exposed to a broad array of courses that cover the history of German literary and cultural life, special emphasis will also be placed on such fields as film studies, media studies, print culture studies, critical theory, translation theory and the history of lyric form.

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Hispanic Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Hispanic Studies offers courses on literature, intellectual history and the civilizations of Spain and Hispanic America, as well as in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. The Department and its Honours, Majors, and Minors programs are committed to expanding the liberal arts background of students by helping to develop the skills of communication and critical reasoning, and by providing insight into the culture of other regional, linguistic and national groups.

With more than 300 million native speakers of Spanish around the World, covering more than 18 countries, a B.A. in Hispanic Studies opens many doors towards successful paths not only in Graduate School but also in a highly competitive job market. In general, the students who complete a B.A. in Hispanic Studies (Major/Honours) pursue a second major in departments such as Art History, Psychology, History, International Development Studies, Quebec Studies, and Political Sciences. After graduation, many of them continue their studies in graduate school in Spanish or Latin American Studies, or related disciplines such as History, Comparative Literature, or Anthropology, where the knowledge of Spanish language, literature, and culture is a highly valuable skill.

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Italian Undergraduate Programs

Italian Studies has as its mission to maintain the traditions and study of the great classics as well as to provide a window on an increasingly complex and diverse contemporary Italian culture. It promotes the study of the Italian language through an excellent and rigorous language training program. It offers courses in Italian literature, both in Italian and in English, as well as in Italian film. The department periodically invites scholars specializing in contemporary politics, the Italian immigrant experience and social change, enabling students to gain both a broader and more critical understanding of various aspects of Italian culture, through contact with specialists in these areas.

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Russian Undergraduate Programs

Many opportunities are open to students with qualifications in Russian and other Slavic studies. Students may be interested in the organization of human society, comparative literature, linguistics - Russian studies are highly relevant to all of these. In addition, because of similar problems in geography, climate, industrial and economic growth, Russian studies may have a particular fascination for the Canadian student.

The Minor Concentration in Russian will give students a basic working knowledge of Russian and the tools with which to explore Russian life and culture in the original. The Major Concentration in Russian gives students a foundation in the language, literature, and culture of Russia from the 19th century to the present. It incorporates a balance of instruction in the Russian language, the opportunity to read selected texts in the original language, and to explore Russian language and culture through translated texts. The Honours Russian program is for students intending to pursue graduate studies or advanced careers in the field.

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European Literatures

The Minor Concentration in European Literature and Culture provides students with a broad foundation for understanding the development and interconnectedness of European culture and its relevance for the comprehension of today’s world through the study of literature and the arts from the Middle Ages to modern times. Knowledge of a language other than English is not required to complete the program.

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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Program represents a contemporary approach to the traditional concept of a broad, non-specialist undergraduate formation in the humanities that is tailored to the environment of a research intensive university.  The program emphasizes a classical liberal arts education, yet approaches the liberal arts from a global perspective emphasizing diversity and difference and providing new ways of engaging the liberal arts.

The program will expose students to texts from, and histories of, a wide range of cultures, societies and different historical periods.  Students will be able to choose from four intellectual streams: languages and literatures; the fine arts and their histories; ethics and social thought; and history and the liberal arts.

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