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Beyond an EMBA

Co-founded by management icon Henry Mintzberg, the International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM) is the #1 International Executive Management Masters in the World (Eduniversal 2018-2021). IMPM has been transforming management practice and leadership development for over twenty-five years.

Are you ready to be transformed?

The IMPM goes beyond a traditional global EMBA. It is for experienced managers and leaders wanting to transform their management practice and create lasting impact for their organisations and communities. IMPM is one of the world’s most international executive programs, with five integrated modules in five regions around the world (UK, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil), together with five top schools. Transform yourself and your organisation.

International Masters Program for Managers Class


Module One - Managing Self: The Reflective Mindset

Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster, UK

Focus includes:

  • Developing participants’ experiences and reflection into new practices of thinking and acting
  • Appreciative inquiry and action inquiry
  • Organizational cultures
  • Considering virtue ethics and responsibility in an organizational context
  • Incorporating vision, community, creativity, and insight into management practice.

Module Two - Managing Organisations: The Analytic Mindset‌

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada

Focus includes:

  • Role of evidence and experience in business and management
  • Strategic thinking and practice
  • Organizational models for business
  • Examining how decisions are made and negotiations take place within different types of organizations
  • Innovation awareness and AI, how data is used and what biases exist in decision making processes

Module Three - Managing Context: The Worldly Mindset

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore

Focus includes:

  • Conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship for sustaining international business growth
  • Applying a multi-cultural, diverse global mindset in context
  • Innovation and creating new forms of value in international settings
  • Managerial and organizational political dynamics in diverse settings
  • Sustainability, ecosystems and nonmarket dynamics

Module Four - Managing Relationships: The Collaborative Mindset ‌‌

Yokohama National University, Japan

Focus includes:

  • Relational coordination and collaboration
  • Role of intra- and inter-organizational trust
  • Cross-sector collaboration across sectors
  • Managing disasters and crisis through collaboration
  • Human-machine collaboration and ethical collaborative tech

    Module Five - Managing Change: The Action Mindset

    EBAPE/FGV, Brazil

    Focus includes:

    • Exploring catalytic change
    • How business and global dynamics interact with management and organizational action
    • Change management and process analysis of change and continuity
    • Understanding the responsibility of leaders and organizations beyond themselves
    • Action research for catalytic change, transformation and impact

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    Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
    1001 Sherbrooke Street West, [Map], 6th Floor
    Montreal, Quebec Canada H3A 1G5

    Tel.: 514-398-7309
    info [at]

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