Professor Daniel Wise elected Fellow of the Royal Society

Registration for the 2018 ICMP is now open. You can register here

Maksym Radziwill announced as one of the ICM 2018 speakers in Number Theory: link

Professor Jean-Christophe Nave receives the 2017 Carrie M. Derick Award for Graduate Supervision and Teaching

Main Gates at McGill University

2D Incompressible Euler Multi-Scale Simulation

Louigi Addario-Berry and Eyal Goren are announced as the incoming Editors-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics (see here).

Maksym Radziwill receives the SASTRA-Ramanujan Prize, December 2016 (link)

FRezCa: tutorials in Freshmen courses

Diffusion Limited Aggregation:  Discrete approximation using 50000 particles on a 400 x 400 grid with different aggregation radii up to 200

Fermat surface (n=3, 3d projection) link

The Riemann zeta function (complex argument) with domain colouring.

Digamma function, Psi(z): Mod(Psi(z)) for z complex 

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