Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a full range of undergraduate programs and courses through the Faculties of Arts, Science, Management and Engineering to respond to the differing needs of our students. The Department is also committed to providing excellence in service teaching, that is in providing supporting courses for students whose primary interest is not mathematics nor statistics, but who require mathematical knowledge and expertise in order to pursue their chosen careers.

These pages are laid out to provide support and information to all students and are laid out under the following headings:

  • Mathematics students, enrolled in a full or joint mathematics program at the liberal science, majors or honours level.
    • Additional information on orientation and advising for U1 Mathematics and Statistics students.
  • Freshman students.
  • Students outside the Department, enrolled in a minor program in mathematics or statistics, a core science component in the Faculty of Science, a service course, or a student just seeking to take an elective course in mathematics or statistics.

For a comprehensive list of courses (active and inactive for this session) please use this link.

For a list of Resources, explore our Equity, Outreach, & Wellness tab here, including the 911 Math Help Desk and the Statistics Online for Students (SOS) Help Desk.

  • The 9th floor Help Desk, commonly called ‘911’, is where math and stats students seek help from their peer tutors. It is located directly across the elevators on the 9th floor. During Fall and Winter semesters, its (in-person) operating hours are Monday to Friday from 12 pm (noon) to 5 pm. During the Summer, reduced hours are available. Outside those hours, there are no official tutors present, however students are still welcome to use the space as a study space. Its closing hours are 10 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 8:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. The tutors are managed by the Department, and the tutors’ schedule is posted at the door. Find more information here https://www.facebook.com/burnside911/
  • SOS Help Desk Schedule and poster: TBD.


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