Equity, Outreach, and Student Well-Being

Welcome to the Homepage of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Committee on Equity, Outreach, and Student Well-Being (EOSW)!

The initiative of our committee is to foster a healthy atmosphere to facilitate productive learning, exchange of ideas, and research endeavors. In particular, our efforts are focused on achieving the goals of increased equity, diversity, and inclusion in all programs.

A fundamental priority is to make sure that information is accessible to all. This website is meant to help students, faculty, and staff navigate the many resources available at McGill University (academic, employment, community-building, and wellness.) Moreover, this website includes a description of outreach activities organized by our department (and throughout Montreal) to promote interest in mathematics and statistics in the community at large.

If you have any feedback for the Mathematics and Statistics department (on our courses, programs, spaces, support available, events, etc.), please fill out this form at any time! We greatly appreciate your thoughts on how we can improve -- and also on what works well!

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