Statement Against Racism

We stand in solidarity with the Black and Indigenous members of our department, and in the mathematical and statistical community at large. We acknowledge that systemic racism is present throughout our society, our academic institutions, and in scientific communities (including in mathematics and statistics), and that this systemic racism causes and perpetuates the underrepresentation and marginalization of people of colour within our community. We recognize that it is our responsibility to change and to educate ourselves, and to take concrete measures to reduce racism in all its forms.

McGill University has put forward an action plan to address and combat anti-Black racism. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics endorses this plan, and also endorses the McGill Black Faculty & Staff Caucus’s PDF icon response to the action plan, which proposes concrete actions to be taken by the university to demonstrate its commitment to follow through on the plan. 

The university has also collected a website of resources relevant to equity at McGill, including (but not limited to) anti-racism resourcesindigenous supportracial & cultural diversity, and gender and sexuality. A selection of these resources and more information are available from the Departmental website via the EOSW tab, under “Community Building” for various groups of our Department (Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff).

The McGill Department of Mathematics and Statistics makes the following pledges:

  • A commitment to increase recruitment and retention of people of colour (specifically Black and Indigenous), alongside other designated groups, among our student and faculty bodies. 

  • A commitment to cover the cost of membership in the National Association of Mathematicians and Association of Women Mathematicians for all interested mathematics and statistics graduate students. 

  • An allocation of Departmental funds for supporting research and training opportunities for students from underrepresented groups. (e.g. travel to research activities, community building and networking events, etc.)

Community members who have further suggestions for pledges, educational activities, or resources are encouraged to write to the Department's e-Suggestion Box

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